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How to add an asset in stockroom ?

In order to manage your inventory and allow the material to be booked according to the stockroom-defined settings, you must add assets to a stockroom.


Create a stockroom

Create a category

Create a part

Step 1 – New asset

Step 2 – Add asset

Step 3 – Fill in the form

Fill in the asset sheet information starting with …

  • Select the category and the part in for your asset
  • If your stockroom has reservations and loaners activated, you will have to populate the groups and department fields, in order to limit who has access to reserve this asset
  • Choose the quantity to add
  • Write a note as needed

  • Fill in the fields corresponding to the attributes checked at the step of creating the category
  • Add documents as needed (invoices, repairs, etc.)
  • Choose one of the options to save

Your asset is now in the asset list of the stockroom, you can now manage it.

Updated on December 17, 2020

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