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Consume an asset after its been assigned

On some occasions, it can be useful to consume an asset once its been assigned to a user, employee, work site or building.

To activate this option in your instance of Hector, you must be an administrator. Once activated, staff memers can use it in their day to day activities.

Step 1

Navigate to settings, then click on “Assets”.

Step 2

Click on “Default value for consume” in order to have a consumption box checked by default when doing asset assignments.

Step 3

During any step where an asset is assigned, a checkbox will appear called “Consume after save”. When clicked, the asset will be consumed once it has been assigned. This is a good way to track assets against users, employees, work sites or buildings.

When an asset is consumed, it’s deducted from your inventory. However, you keep an history of your consumption at all times. It’s also possible to export a consumed assets report to Excel in the Reports section of the software.

Updated on August 2, 2021

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