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Limit access by stockroom, groups, and minimum stock improvements !

What’s New – November 2020

Limit access to assets by stockroom for users with the staff role

It is now possible to limit what assets staff members have access to by specifying which stockrooms they belong to. What this means is that you can assign staff members to their stockrooms, and they will not be able to see or manipulate the assets found in other stockrooms. Administrators are not impacted by this change.

A stockroom can also be left open to all, so that all staff members can interact with the assets found in the stockroom.

This new setting can be found in the Inventory > Stockroom section in the details section.

In the Staff selection section, it is possible to give access to assets to all users that have the staff role. If you wish to limit access to the stockroom, you can select the users and add them.

Added staff members will be able to manage assets for the stockroom, as well as change settings for the stockroom, and manage reservations and loands.

For more details, you can read our main article on managing loaners by stockroom

Improved settings by stockroom

  • Limit access by groups
  • Allow a reservation to go over a closed period
  • Allow reservations of overdue items
  • Access by group

It is possible to limit access to a stockroom by using groups. Groups can be created by administrators from the Settings > Groups section.

You can read our main article on groups for more information.

  • Allow a reservation to go over a closed period

This setting allows a reservation to go over a closed period when the stockroom is closed. This is useful for reservations going over the lunch period, or reservations spanning multiple days. It is important to remember that the reservation must start and finish on a moment where the stockroom is open.

  • Allow the reservation of overdue items

When checked, items that are overdue in another loaner can still be selected in a new reservation. If checked, there might be situations to manage if an item was reserved after it was known to be overdue.

Minimum stock management improvements

In the settings of an item, it is now possible to manage minimum quantities by Stockroom, City, User or Place. Previously, it was only possible to manage minimum stock by City.

Updated on November 14, 2020

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