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How to manage loaners by stockroom

With Hector, it is now possible to activate loaners by stockroom, in order to allow users, employees, work sites, clients or event students to reserve equipment.

Below you will find instructions on how to allow loaners by stockroom in your Hector instance.


Activate the loaner module in your instance

Step 1 – Stockroom creation

Create a stockroom from the Stockrooms section.

Step 2 – Fill in the form

In the form, enter the necessary information to create your stockroom, including name, description and a city.

Once completed, click on the “Allow Loaners” checkbox.

Step 3 – Define the parameters

A new section will display, containing information and features that will allow you to configure how the loaners will work for this particular stockroom.

  • Reservation Link : Allows you to share a public link to your loaner reservation page. Important to know, users must have access to your instance in order to perform loaners.
  • Personnel : Choose people who will be responsible for loaners in your organization. These ones will also receive email notifications depending on the settings defined in the “Notifications” section.
  • Open Hours : Select which hours the loan service team operates. Leave blank if you wish to not publish open hours.
  • Allow multi reservation for same item : Allow a user to make a reservation more than once for the same item.
  • Display a color for each statuts : For stockrooms with many reservations and loaners at any given time, adding colors allow staff to rapidly distinguish between the different elements.
  • Time allowed on the public loaner page (in minutes): Sets a logout timer when making a reservation.

For the other values regarding the calendar settings, it’s here –> How to use loaner calendars

Step 4 – Notifications & Loaner Policy

In the second section, you can activate notifications, and requesters will receive an email when they need to bring back a loaner, or if their loaner is late.

It is also possible to add a link to the loaner policy so users will have to confirm they have read it for every loaner reservation they make.

Step 5 – Stockrooms list

Once the stockroom is created, it will show in the list of stockrooms. A checkmark indicates that the stockroom also allows loaners.

Next Step – Add asset in stockroom

Once assets will be added, it will be possible to manage loaners and reservations.

Updated on September 2, 2020

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