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How to manage loaners and reservations ?

With Hector, it is now possible to manage loaners and allow users, employees, clients or even students to make online bookings.


Activate the loaner module in your instance

Activate loaners by stockroom

Add assets in stockroom

Step 1 – Go to the loaner module of your stockroom

You can check out the loaner list page by hovering over the Loans section and selecting the stockroom you created in the previous steps.

Once inside, you’ll find the assets and places (rooms) you’ve moved to this stockroom, as well as a button to the public URL that can be shared with anybody with an account in Hector.

Step 2 – Open the public loan page

Assets can now be loaned directly from this stockroom. To do so, click on the public URL button and then fill out the form to perform a loan request.

*Note: This window is accessible to anyone with a user account in their Hector instance. The “New Loaner” window is reserved for administrators and staff members.

A) Choose a loan date

Borrowers can first choose a loan date and then display the assets available during the chosen period.

B) Choose an asset/place

Once the dates have been selected, the dropdown menu in the item catalog allows you to choose a category or a place (room) listed in the stockroom.

C) Add an asset to cart

On the list of presented assets, choose one where the “Add to Cart” option is displayed. This will mean that the asset is available for the selected period. When the exclamation mark symbol is displayed, it means that the asset is not available during the selected time slot.

You can check the availability of the asset out of curiosity to see when the asset is not reserved.

The option “Any item is fine” will add to cart the first available asset by optimizing the rate of use.

*Note: Green colors represent available dates, red if the equipment is already borrowed all day long and orange when only a few time slots are available.

D) Confirm your reservation

At the top of the page, you will find a link to access your loan cart. Press on your cart to be redirected to the confirmation page.

Fill out the form if mandatory fields were added to the loan application by staff members, or if there is a loaner policy and click on «Save».

NOTE: You can add many parts/items to your cart for the same loan period and you can do 2 reservations at different dates in a single loan application.

Step 3 – Loaner list view

Once the loan is made, it will be in the stockroom’s loan list, and the staff will be able to prepare the equipment for the applicant at the time of the loan.

It is also possible to use a loaner calendar in order to have a global view of the new, current and future loans

Finally, the main page will contain a list of tasks, for that particular stockroom, reminding personnel of important tasks.

Updated on January 8, 2021

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