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Asset cart, asset copy, links between assets and much more!

What’s New – August 2021

Welcome to our August update containing many improvements that are detailed below. Since this is a big update, the features have been split into categories to better understand how some of these features might be beneficial to you.


  1. Asset Cart
  2. Asset Copy
  3. Links between assets
  4. Modify the default values to add your own
  5. Generate an asset number automatically or manually
  6. Keep or remove the attribute’s value when performing a save and same


  1. Allow an approver to modifer a loaner that is awaiting approval
  2. Increase the number of pages for the loaner item catalog
  3. Change the background color of the loaner status

Parts and Stockrooms

  1. New and improved grid for managing minimum and maximum stocks
  2. Quickly see inventory levels by stockroom


  1. For assets, control when an attribute will be displayed (create, edit or move)
  2. Choose which attributes to show as columns (versus displaying them all)


  1. There is now a built in integration to OneLogin for Single Sign On (SSO).
  2. Advanced group management for Azure import

Mobile App

  1. Connect to the mobile app by email

Updated on August 10, 2021

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