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Loaner penalties, assign multiple assets quickly and much!

What’s New – February 2022

Welcome to our February update containing significant improvements that will help you manage some of your daily operations within the Hector application.


  • Penalties can now be setup for loaners that are late or brought back broken. Penalties can be calculated through a point system, or by setting specific amounts. For more information, you can navigate to our main article on how to setup this new feature.
  • A new vertical menu has been added when modifying loaner settings in a stockroom for easier access to the information.
  • Permissions have been extended by user, group and department, for access to the stockroom’s assets, as well as making reservations or having read-only access to loaners.
  • Add resources to the loaner header like places, customers, vendors or contacts.
  • Show/hide fields in the loaner catalog.
  • Items can be auto-added to the cart if they are available (saving two clicks).
  • Assets can be consumed against a loaner.
  • When setting up schedules, it was previously impossible to put 00:00 to 24:00. This time range is now available to use.
Length : 7 minutes


  • Assets with lot sizes can now be assigned to kits.
  • For customers with the Castle plan, a new multiple assign asset page is available to asset multiple assets to users, places, customers, vendors or contacts.
Length : 4 minutes

Purchase Orders

  • The ability to set up an owner per purchase order stage is customizable from the Settings > Operations section.
  • Grid and form layouts can now be setup by role, group, or department, allowing administrators to hide fields that are not useful for certain roles.
    • This unique feature will be rolled out to the entire application in the coming months.
Length : 3 minutes


  • Attributes of type User or Place can now be created and attached to every entity in the database.
Length : 2 minutes


  • For customers with à Castle plan, or a personalized customization à la carte item, a new section in the Settings menu called Branding will allow these customers to adapt the colors of the application to that of their organization.
  • When generating custom barcodes or QR codes, your logo can be placed above or below the barcode.
Length : 2 minutes
Updated on February 10, 2022

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