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Loaner conflict management, new file upload and more!

What’s New – November 2021

Welcome to our November update containing many improvements that will bring value to your daily tasks and speed up some common actions you perform in the application on a day to day basis.


  • Departments and Groups have been moved from the Settings to the Resources section.
  • A new file upload control has been deployed throughout the application to make uploading files friendlier and faster.
Length : 1:30 minutes


  • Faster conflict management for staff members
  • Improved broken loaner management
  • Show/hide filters for the reservation catalog
  • Show/hide previous requester in a current loaner
  • Improved quantity display for the reservation catalog
  • Manage fields at the stockroom level (was only available on parts and places)
    • Default duration
    • Maximum duration
    • Buffer before a reservation
    • Buffer after a loaner is completed
  • Department and group permissions for stockrooms, parts and places can now be directly managed from the department and group edit pages.
Length : 10 minutes


  • Improved Racking Management
  • Added a Note field
Length : 1:40 minutes


  • Allow users to create an account autonomously without requiring a staff member. Very useful if you want customers to sign up, and perform reservations of equipment (must be an administrator).
  • Choose how user first and last names are displayed from the settings section (must be an administrator).
  • It is now possible to attach files for users.
Length : 4 minutes


  • Turn on or off the automatic creation of components for kits when creating assets.
Length : 3 minutes
Updated on November 3, 2021

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