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For the construction sector, tracking the movement of stored equipment and material on construction sites can be a challenge. It’s way too easy to lose track of construction materials, equipments and tools on a job site. You even have to deal with cases of theft. Add to this hardware stock shortages, and you will experience additional delays and management issues.

For all these reasons, we offer an affordable construction inventory software tailored to your needs. Thanks to Hector, your expensive assets are identified, monitored and secured for better logistics management on the jobsite.

Our construction asset tracking software will allow you to manage the life of equipment as well as the outputs and the entries of the inventory. You will save time (and money) with our user-friendly and efficient inventory management tool!

What our
can do for you

Here are some of the functionalities you will love with our inventory management system:

Track all your assets with easy barcode scanning

Before going on a job, and whenever they come back from it, your employees can easily scan every items they take and return. They can use scanners, or scan the bar codes or QR codes with their own phones thanks to our mobile app. This way you always know who’s got what equipment, and how much of it was used for every job.

Know in real-time your stock levels and when to reorder

Warehouse management can be pretty time-consuming. But not with Hector. You always know if you’ve got a low inventory on specific items with our min-max notifications, and when to reorder. You can even create purchase orders and work orders straight in the software.

Track inventory levels on the go

With a Cloud-based software like ours, no need to be at the office to know your inventory levels and update your inventory tracking. Streamline your workflows by using a construction management software directly on your phone.

Get easy Inventory counts

May it be for financial audits, your insurance or to keep track of your projects, you can easily do a physical inventory with dedicated reports and our barcode scanning.

Streamline your business management

By having a complete inventory control, you’ll be able to better assess job costing, have better project management, you won’t be out-of-stock on important assets, and you’ll be able to run your large or small business very efficiently.

Minimize losses & thefts

A drill is suddenly missing? Everyone’s blaming someone else? You know you will never see that drill again. Those days are over with Hector! You’ll know where every equipment and construction material is, so you minimize the losses and thefts. 

Easy equipment maintenance management

Heavy equipment needs to have preventive maintenance so you can be sure to reduce potential downtimes. You can stay ahead of your preventative maintenance schedule with alerts on a determined frequency for each piece of equipment. Add equipment costs, equipment inspections, and any other information you need in your equipment maintenance software.

Improve equipment operations

Track all your asset’s operations in one place; heavy equipment utilization, location, maintenance costs, equipment assets inventory, warranties, fleet management, providers, and all your assets’ lifecycles. Not only can you track your heavy construction equipment, but all your smaller equipment usage and materials.

with a powerful construction equipment management software

Whether you own a small construction business, or a large company that works on more than 10 projects at a time, you’ll benefit with Hector. Indeed, our asset management system allows you to track the number of items you want, from large construction equipment to tiny bolts and screws. Here are some examples of inventory items and construction supplies you can follow with our software solution for the construction industry:

  • Hammers
  • Drills
  • Sanders
  • Torches
  • Air compressors
  • Saw benches
  • Rollers and spray guns
  • Headphones
  • Harness
  • Filter masks
  • Hearing protectors
  • Hardware store
  • Scaffolds and ladders
  • Fleet of trucks
  • Excavators
  • Shovels
  • Milling
  • Street sweepers
  • Generators
  • Containers
  • Pious
  • Crane
  • Pipes and plumbing
  • Chains
  • Construction wood
  • Insulation
  • Shingles

Solution infonuagique

as an asset management solution?

Using an Excel spreadsheet for inventory control is like using a hand saw to build a house; tedious, time-consuming and unnecessary. Nowadays, cloud-based inventory management tools can help you save hours of work every week.

Not only will you limit errors in your database but you will save time with nifty functionalities, notifications and optimized workflows.

Try the inventory management software made for your specific needs.

for construction asset management

Be done with thieves

It has been recognized that one-third of construction companies worldwide are victims of theft. The problem is that it’s hard to notice without a rigorous construction equipment tracking system in place. With our construction asset management software, you will be better protected against dishonest acts.

Workers' safety first and foremost

Our depreciation tracking system helps you, of course, know when to replace or repair equipment, but also to know when a safety equipment needs to be changed. In this way, you make sure you keep your equipment up to date for the safety of your employees.

Track construction assets anywhere, anytime

You have several construction sites and several warehouses to watch? No problem! Our tool allows a multi-site monitoring of your assets. As construction contractors often move a lot daily, this system allows you to track your assets anywhere, no matter where you are.

Simple equipment inventory software

There’s no need to have an IT professional in-house to keep the system running. Installing and maintaining our software solution for the construction market is very simple. No need to have special technical knowledge to be able to use it freely.

Say goodbye to stockouts

You will not have to constantly check the status of your stock inventory, our construction asset management software warns you when it’s time to order new equipment. An up-to-date inventory means fewer delays caused by stockouts.

A better budget forecast

Considering that 70% of construction projects exceed the expected time, having a construction asset management software allows you to perform a better project monitoring by evaluating the stock inventory, the availability of equipment and their state of depreciation.


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Increase the efficiency of your inventory management and get better performance now with our equipment inventory software.


Here are a few integrations you can use with our inventory system to help you track and import your assets.



Import tickets from Zendesk directly into Hector in the form of a work order. In this way, you’ll be able to track the number of interventions by equipment, make, model and category.

google calendar

Google Agenda

Would you like your room bookings made in Hector to show in Google Calendar and vice versa? Our integration with Google will enable you to synchronize all events between the two platforms, giving you greater visibility of upcoming bookings regardless of which system you’re working in


Microsoft Outlook

Would you like your room bookings made in Hector to show in Outlook and vice versa? Our integration with Outlook will enable you to synchronize all events between the two platforms, giving you greater visibility of upcoming bookings regardless of which system you’re working in.


Zoho Books

Connect our reservation and loan module with Zoho Books to synchronize your items and generate invoices for your equipment loans. You’ll save an enormous amount of time and risk of error by skipping the step of creating invoices manually in Zoho.


Microsoft SCIM

Synchronize your users with our SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) integration, which lets you import your groups, departments and users into Hector, with the option of enabling SSO (single sign on), to facilitate access to the application using your organization’s known connection protocols.


Microsoft intune

Integration with Microsoft Intune allows you to synchronize devices and licenses from the Intune environment to Hector, enabling you to import your IT assets automatically.