Equipment Loan System
Manage check in and check out

Once again, managing the input and output of equipment on paper, spreadsheets (Excel or other), or with computer loan forms has its limits. For speed and efficiency, we will handle. When we start to have a lot of outputs and material inputs to manage, we quickly notice losses, errors and inventories that no longer make sense.

Whether you are loaning equipment to students in schools, or booking tools for employees of construction companies, you need a fast and efficient equipment checkout software to manage the output smoothly.

Hector is more than just an equipment loan mangement software (again, just to remind you).

Location de matériel

Which material can we

We can’t say it often enough; you can follow ALL. You build your inventory the way you want it, so you choose exactly what to follow for your equipment loan management. Here are some examples of use:

  • For all companies, you can keep track of the replacement materials borrowed by your employees when they forget (with the travel back and forth to work, this is common!);
  • For cities and municipalities, the equipment lent to associations or citizens
  • For schools, you have a schedule of materials available at the loan desks, such as reservations and loans of cameras, tools for training schools, school books, etc.
  • For transport companies or service vehicles, you can track the entry and exit of vehicles loaned to employees;
  • For construction companies, tools and machinery borrowed for construction sites ;
  • And more! The possibilities are endless since Hector is hyper customizable.

Details on
? Do you want it, here it is!

It’s nice to have an equipment checkout software that is flexible and fast to use like ours, but what about the detailed information?

Our equipment loan management software provides you with a window that allows you to follow the various steps of a loan in great detail. Registration, preparation, assignment, reception, (let’s catch our breath), return, inventory, breakage, handling, etc.

In addition, you follow the depreciation status of the assets. The application tracks the life of the equipment, depending on the number of times it was borrowed, for example.

Solution infonuagique

Self-service equipment loan

We’ll say it again, but our goal is REALLY to save you management time and empower the team to manage assets. Basically, we do not want one person to take care of all the management of the inventory.

To do this, employees can apply for a loan themselves on our equipment tracking system. All they have to do is go to a computer, or on their mobile phone with our application, make a material reservation request and that’s it. The person in charge will validate their requests later. You can choose to have validation by a member of staff, or free automated management.

See how Hector can improve equipment loan management in your area