Public Works Asset Management Software

Within a municipality, there are many elements to be coordinated to ensure its smooth operation. From managing budgets, to coordinating its numerous infrastructure projects, recreational activities and ensuring the safety of citizens, sound management is essential to its success.

With all these projects happening simultaneously, managing your municipal assets (like public works assets) efficiently becomes a priority in order to ensure that you always have an accurate reflection of your inventory. Hector can make this task a whole lot easier!

Our Public Works Asset Management Software is designed to provide you with an easy-to-use platform to manage any type of asset. Whether it’s managing personal protective equipment, or booking community rooms, Hector takes care of it all!

A solution at your fingertips

Hector has been specifically designed to enhance the productivity of your teams. The days of duplicate information entry are long gone with the implementation of Hector. Centralize all your data in a single platform accessible by your different departments (City Hall, IT Services…). Improve the management of your material within your organization with a solution adapted and customizable to your reality.

When an item is due to be updated or is close to running out, you will automatically be notified! Isn’t that handy?

Here are just some examples of how Hector can help you:

  • Management of common room rentals
  • Management of material available for residents
  • Management of public spaces and leisure activities in the city
  • Management of materials for roadway operations (tools, personal protective equipment)
  • Management of public works assets in the city (road, viaduct, landscaping, signs, light)
  • Management of computer and hardware systems
  • Management of the vehicle fleet
  • Management of material for city events (stage equipment, inflatable games, marquees, etc.)
  • Management of sports equipment for citizens

Solution infonuagique

to choosing Hector:

Here are the key benefits of using Hector to facilitate public works asset management within your municipality.

You won't even notice the time passing

Installing Hector is so fast that you won’t even have time to finish analyzing your activity report from last month. With just a few clicks, all employees will be able to use Hector and help build an up-to-date and efficient inventory.

Significant savings

Using Hector can help you better manage your budgets. You’ll reduce expenses because you’ll have a quick way to see which assets are no longer cost-effective for the organization and be able to replace them quickly.

Keeping tabs on all your assets will prevent you from double ordering or running out of items. The money saved can be redistributed directly throughout the organization, which will also help manage government grants.

A municipality with history

Over time, many employees will pass through the halls of City Hall. Well-documented records of the assets used by the city are essential for tracking. Hector allows you to keep a history of asset purchases and updates. Plus, it’s accessible to everyone, which means every new employee can easily find their way around the inventory.

Real-time monitoring

Want to track down a particular asset? It couldn’t be easier! To track your assets in real time, all you need is an internet connection. After that, you are free to consult your inventory at the time that suits you best! In addition to preventing unnecessary loss of assets, you can also check if a particular conference room is available in less than 2 minutes!

Working lawfully

Another great advantage of having Hector in your toolkit is that you can add descriptive sheets to your items. In addition to receiving a notification when it’s time to think about renewing a license, you will be able to insert legal contracts, to make sure you always use your software in accordance. 

More time to focus on other things

Using Hector will definitely save you more time at work. With this software, everything is completely automated. Mistakes in Excel will be seen in the rearview mirror! You will now always have access to reliable data quickly so you can get back to other tasks quickly.


The tool you need!

Say goodbye to inventory tracking as you knew it. Hector is designed to simplify your work, improve the logistics of your various projects and increase the productivity of your team. Use Hector for your daily well-being at work, but also for the citizens!