Asset Tracking System Benefits

There are many benefits to using asset tracking and management system. To name a few, let’s think of reducing management time, reducing losses, improving resource accounting, and so on.

While using an asset tracking software brings many benefits to businesses, Hector offers unique benefits that you will not find anywhere else. Pinky swear! See for yourself.

to reap the benefits of IT asset management

Pay only for the number of assets registered in the system

Most asset management solutions charge usage on a fixed rate basis, or the number of users accessing the software. It can go up very quickly if we want to provide access to several people in our company, and these rates are not necessarily adapted to the needs of all.

With Hector, your package is based on the number of assets you save in our system. Your package is established automatically, so no need to go through us to adjust your rates. Not bad, huh?

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List manually, manage automatically

Asset tracking solutions work mostly by network scan. It may seem advantageous, because it saves time, but imagine having to sort your assets later … Get hitched, you will have many junks to delete!

At Hector, we work upside down. You have to manually enter your assets into our system, and everything is automatically managed according to our parameters thereafter. The main advantage of all this is that you can list the assets that matter to you solely and of course, you will not have no post-scan sorting to do.

Follow only the assets you want

In other applications of this type, one is often limited on the type of assets to follow. Most software already has an asset directory in place, and this is the one we should use to list our resources.

With us you can follow exactly the assets you want. Yes, you are entering exactly what you want in our asset tracking software. It allows you to follow all that is important to you, without limitation on the part of the tool.


Discover our unique asset tracking solution

Improve the management and monitoring of your company’s assets with our flexible, versatile tool adapted to the needs of organizations of all sizes!

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Save time and money

Manually list your assets and let Hector take care of the rest. Automated asset management means less time wasted in inventory changes, and less hardware loss costs. With an inventory tool like ours, your data will always be accurate.

Keep an eye on your assets, at all times

With live synchronized data, access information about your assets anytime, no matter where you are. Your employees will be able to manage the inputs and outputs themselves without losing track.

Follow the life of your assets

Our application calculates for you the lifetime of the assets, based on information interpreted by our system, such as the number of material exits, the borrowing time, the breakages reported, etc. One less thing to manage for you.

Generate detailed reports

There is nothing better for one’s company’s accounting than the ability to generate detailed reports. With a few clicks, pull out reports that contain all the information you need. In addition, you can export this inventory data into Excel.

Keep your licenses and hardware up-to-date

Hector allows depreciation tracking of assets that are inventoried. Receive data on equipment usage and service, repair or replacement reminders. Always keep your licenses up to date for your computer needs.

Be prepared for an audit

With us, you will always be ready in the event of a financial audit. With an asset management solution like ours that keeps your assets in a safe place, your information is centralized and ready to be used at any time.