Software Asset Management and License Tracking (SAM)

Managing software licenses can be a particularly challenging process for businesses. The bigger the business, the more software there is to manage. This is why the use of SAM, Software Asset Management, is highly recommended.

To ensure the management and protection of your software licenses from the moment you purchase to the end of your software’s life, your company will save some valuable time and a lot of money.

Who would refuse to adopt a simple, inexpensive, fast, and efficient solution? Not many companies!

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Gestion des actifs logiciels SAM

in case of a software licensing audit

Publishers conduct audits to ensure that you are using their software properly. Do you? Don’t take any more risks and stay in line with the publishers’ contracts. Avoid penalties and costs associated with bringing your software licenses into compliance.

By using a software asset management, you will be able to keep an eye and track all your software easily, right on your phone!

For better

You won’t miss the deadline for paying a license renewal anymore! A license management software will send you automatic reminders to avoid payment delays.

Knowing exactly the amount you need to pay and when you need to pay it will make it easier for your business to plan a clear budget. You won’t need the little pieces of paper with the date written on them lying on the corner of your desk anymore!

  • License Tracking
  • Utilization Report
  • Cost Tracking
  • Assignment of licenses
  • Compliance in the event of an audit
  • Automatic alerts
Solution infonuagique

Optimize your license usage

You will no longer need to count the number of licenses that must be renewed one by one. Indeed, the software will automatically do it for you.

It is also important to have a look at your license’s terms if an employee leaves the position and a software transfer is required.

Efficient management of your software licenses will also allow you to target exactly which licenses are underused or overused by your employees. You will then be able to re-evaluate your needs in terms of license purchases and optimize your assets in order to achieve your goals.

See how Hector can improve software asset management

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Asset tracking

Build a database at your own pace. Our flexible tool allows you to build your own asset plan, depending on the material you want to include in the inventory.

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Location de matériel

Equipment checkout

Managing hardware inputs and outputs is much more efficient on an automated tool than on a spreadsheet where you have to manually change everything. Increase your work speed with this feature.

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Reporting modules

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Cloud asset management

With a cloud based asset management software, your information is synchronized in a database. You can update your inventory anytime, anywhere.

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Sécurité des données

Secure data center

Hector’s database is highly secure. Like an impenetrable fortress, your sensitive information is securely stored in our system.

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Identifiant unique

Single sign-on

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IT inventory

With an automated tracking of your computer inventory, the endless management and tracking problems are now gone! Keep an overview of the assets and their status at all times.

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Mobile application

The Hector application guarantees you fast and secure access to track your assets at any time of day, no matter where you are!

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