SaaS Cloud: an Online Inventory Management

It’s fine to manage your assets on Excel spreadsheet or basic software, but if we cannot manage our data in a shared way, remotely and in different media, we end up with the same inventory unbalancing problem and difficulty of follow-ups.

To remedy all this, our cloud based asset management system helps you keep track of the assets in your inventory online, whether you are there or not. With our Software as a Service’s infrastructure (SaaS) in place, you will not have to perform a complicated installation of your data center. Hector offers a strong and secure infrastructure. Tell us about that!

The entire team can access the Hector app no ​​matter where its members are. Well yes, one less application to manage in your data center!

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The power of a
asset management solution

Many cloud based asset management solutions require internal expertise to keep the system infrastructure up and running. In other words, you need to make sure you have trained staff to keep the data center running.

Our online inventory management relieves you of this responsibility because you know you have something else to do besides maintaining an asset management system. You will be able to go about your other tasks while we keep our solution running smoothly.

Our numerous data centers allow you to connect to the center closest to you for maximum speed and functionality.

Whats "redundancy"?

Basically, it’s about ensuring that the systems have duplicates so you always have the availability of your data. It means that our SaaS application is always functional and you cannot lose anything, even if the system fails.

The robustness of our cloud hosting ensures that your data is protected at all times. Our system enforces multiple redundancy junction points within the data center to keep your hosted assets safe and warm in our system.

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Learn how our cloud-based online inventory management system can serve your industry.