Hector, also a fixed asset accounting software

Oh, the joy of completing asset inventory management manually on an Excel spreadsheet. As we know that error is human, it’s easy to make mistakes and enter data by accident, not to enter the right numbers or to make mistakes in your calculations.

A good reporting software is the solution to improve your asset inventory management. With the automation of your reports, the errors of keystrokes or the time lost to mount grids manually will be a thing of the past. We promise you that it will go faster and that it will be exact.

Modules de rapport

fixed asset accounting reports modules

Improve your fixed asset accounting with an asset inventory software. With so much data, always be ready for financial audits. No need to run after the right information keeping everything in one place.

Produce purchase reports, lease reports and depreciation reports. Find all your software and licenses in one place, as well as their attribution. You can even generate an inventory report by branch in case you have multiple addresses.

Our purchase report module for

With Hector, no need to browse through your inventory all the time to plan when you will have to buy additional equipment. Even less to note the material that comes out most often to track your fixed assets depreciation.

Indeed, the application does everything for you. Through the asset inventory management, Hector suggests you purchase certain materials using data collected from reserve availability and a number of loans to track product demand and lifecycle.

Solution infonuagique

Really malleable report software

Thinking of an automatic report tool, but are you worried about losing the malleability of an Excel report? Forget the rigid dashboards. You move things as you wish on our report modules, according to your needs.

In case you need to produce even more detailed analyzes, we offer you the possibility of exporting your data to Excel for further customization.

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