Asset management system has never been so effective!

Check out Hector, a comprehensive asset management system. Always keep track of your assets with our solution whether you are a small business or a big company. Our asset management tools are easy to use and implement, user-friendly and adaptable to any business sector. The asset management system of your organization has never been so fast and efficient!

Asset tracking and inventory management ITAM

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Say goodbye to endless entries in spreadsheets, uncontrollable inventories and inefficient and outdated asset management system methods. Say hello to automated and flexible management!

The many features offered by Hector will meet the needs of your company in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Easy to implement and user-friendly, it will satisfy Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their most complex needs in asset management. Affordable, it will cost you very little to build your first asset plan.

You will have total control over your assets at all times, while making your team accountable for the material flowing through the organization. You will minimize losses while increasing the accounting of your assets.


Save time & money

Keep an eye on your assets

Know every asset's value

Schedule maintenance

Make more accurate audit

Never lose track of borrowed material

Get a complete view of your IT inventory

Everything you need to

Asset tracking

Build a database at your own pace. Our flexible tool allows you to build your own asset plan, depending on the material you want to include in the inventory.

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IT inventory

With an automated tracking of your computer inventory, the endless management and tracking problems are now gone! Keep an overview of the assets and their status at all times.

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Location de matériel

Equipment checkout

Managing hardware inputs and outputs is much more efficient on an automated tool than on a spreadsheet where you have to manually change everything. Increase your work speed with this feature.

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Modules de rapport

Reporting modules

Manually mounting reporting grids is a thing of the past. With the automation of your reports, you won’t have any more problems with keystrokes, computation errors, or missing data.

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Solution infonuagique

Cloud asset management

With a cloud based asset management software, your information is synchronized in a database. You can update your inventory anytime, anywhere.

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Sécurité des données

Secure data center

Hector’s database is highly secure. Like an impenetrable fortress, your sensitive information is securely stored in our system.

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Identifiant unique

Single sign-on

With our single sign-on system, access to Hector data is faster, without the need to manually enter your information each time you log in to the app.

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No more Excel tables that do not update automatically. Get full control of your assets right now!


Have a
on your business

Enjoy the many benefits of an automated asset management system. Our software works for you in order to reduce the management time allocated to asset tracking in the inventory.

Save time & money

Manually list your assets and let Hector take care of the rest. Automated asset management means less time wasted in inventory changes, and less hardware loss costs. With a network inventory tool like ours, your data will always be accurate.

Keep an eye on your assets, at all times

With live synchronized data, access information about your assets anytime, no matter where you are. Your employees will be able to manage the inputs and outputs themselves without losing track.

Follow the life span of your assets

Our application helps you calculate the lifetime of the assets, based on information interpreted by our system, such as the number of material exits, the borrowing time, the breakages reported, etc. One less thing to manage for you.

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