Hardware Inventory Management Software

For a growing business, hardware inventory management is becoming increasingly difficult with the increase in the number of assets to manage (Computers, software licences…). Manual inventories, which do the trick in the beginning, now reveal their limits and their mistakes.

For IT inventory, why not offer your business an automatic Software & Hardware inventory system?

With a simplified solution, faster and cheaper, we are sure that your SME will thank you!

Hector Hardware Inventory Management Software fits perfectly with Small and Medium Business (SMB) needs.

and software inventory

Hardware inventory management on an “Excel table” has its limits. This old method has its share of errors and does not allow a fairly rigorous monitoring of the entire computer, in addition to taking a lot of time.

Manage multiple assets in multiple locations at no additional cost. You will save time and minimize losses. In case of equipment breakdown, let your team make a note in the system so that you can plan the repair or replacement for it. Receive automatic notifications when a license expires or when the hardware is scheduled to be replaced.


Some IT hardware inventory management software can track only the predefined assets in the application. For our part, you are allowed to create the assets you want to follow.

In addition to hardware tracking system, such as loans, losses, breakages, depreciation, and maintenance requirements, you can track software licenses, warranties, serial numbers, and more. You only track assets of interest to your business.

Solution infonuagique

Manage your hardware without looking like a control freak

Nothing is worse than the many manual follow-ups to eat up management time. We call so-and-so to know how far he is with his licenses, we write an email to another to see if he has reported the cables he has borrowed, and so on. One can easily imagine that this micromanagement of the team can take whole days.

Save time with our simplified and automatic solution. Team members will be able to make changes to the inventory themselves without losing track. More responsibility for them, less management for you. Using our dashboard, you will have an overview on the computer inventory of all employees. You will be able to observe every one of your ivory tower neither seen nor known.

See how Hector can improve your hardware inventory