Hardware Inventory Management Software

For all types of businesses, hardware inventory management is becoming increasingly difficult with the large number of assets to manage (Computers, software licences…). Manual inventories, which do the trick in the beginning, now reveal their limits.

For IT inventory, why not offer your business a user-friendly automatic Software & Hardware inventory system?

With a simplified inventory software, faster and cheaper, we are sure that your organisation will thank you!

management made simple

Hardware inventory management on an “Excel table” has its limits. This old method has its share of errors and does not allow a fairly rigorous monitoring of the entire computer, in addition to taking a lot of time. It’s not updated in real-time, and end-users (employees or teammates besides the it service desk) can’t really use it.

Manage multiple assets in multiple locations at no additional cost. You will save time and minimize losses. In case of equipment breakdown, let your team make a note in the system so that you can plan the repair or replacement for it. Receive automatic notifications when a license expires or when the hardware is scheduled to be replaced.

With Hector, you can:

Do your inventory

Produce your annual inventory easily and track your inventory at all times. You will have information on all your equipment when you need it.

Track your equipment loans

You can know at all times what equipment has been loaned, to whom, for how long, what items are late or available.

Have all asset details

Your asset pages contain all the information you want; product number, purchase date, price, depreciation, quantity, location, warranties, you can even use it for software license management.

Save time and money

By having all the information in one place you avoid unpleasant surprises, and can plan when you need to buy new equipments or renew licenses. Plus, you don’t have to spend all your time updating Excel sheets.

Schedule maintenance

Thanks to hector, it’s easy to know when your equipment needs maintenance or replacement. Your IT service management (ITSM) and it support team will avoid costly breakages and emergency replacements.

Generate custom reports

Do you need to quickly produce a report for your insurance? An audit of your inventory? A maintenance report? You can extract exactly the information you need with our easy-to-produce custom reports.

Track exactly

Some IT hardware inventory management software can track only the predefined assets in the application. With hector, you can create the exact assets you want to follow.

In addition to hardware tracking system, such as loans, losses, breakages, depreciation, and maintenance requirements, you can track software licenses, warranties, serial numbers, and more. You only track assets of interest to your business.

Here are some software & hardware assets you could track with our inventory management system:

  • Laptops, computers and screens
  • Desktops
  • Routers & network devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Keyboards, mouses, and accessories
  • Operating systems like windows, linux, mac os
  • Warranty information
Solution infonuagique

Track all your IT assets

Streamline your IT inventory management today. Try it for free!

Manage your hardware without looking like a control freak

Hardware asset management takes time. Nothing is worse than the many manual follow-ups; We call so-and-so to know about his licenses, we write an email to another to see if he brought back the cables he has borrowed, and so on. One can easily imagine that this micromanagement of the team can take whole days.

Save time and streamline your processes with our simplified and automatic it management solution. Team members will be able to make changes to the inventory themselves without losing track. More responsibility for them, less management for you. Using our dashboard, you will have an overview on the computer inventory of all employees. You will be able to observe from your ivory tower neither seen nor known.

See how Hector can improve your IT asset inventory

The only IT asset management tool you need.

Hector is more than an inventory tool, it’s an IT asset management platform. You can track all the detailed information for your entire network. You can plan maintenance to ensure there are no unplanned downtime caused by faulty equipment.

Hector has all the key features to track your network inventory data, generate inventory reports, follow your asset lifecycle, and have a better workflow.

Our hardware inventory software is perfect for all types of businesses. Hardware Inventory Management Software like Hector fits perfectly with Small and Medium Business (SMB) needs. It’s easy-to-use and enables the lifecycle management of your it infrastructure.


Streamline your hardware management with the right software