Asset tracking software and monitoring system Ultra flexible

Let’s be honest, asset tracking can be a real headache. It is even more so when working with an automatic software; hello the “data trash”!

Fortunately, the flexibility of our software allows you to build your own asset plan. No more automatic data, rigid systems and Excel tables not adapted to the reality of companies that have many assets to manage. Its easy startup and ease of use make you able to build an asset database at your own pace, according to your needs. No need to list everything from the beginning with this asset tracking software and monitoring system.

It’s not complicated; It’s up to you.

Suivi des actifs et du matériel

Follow only the

What assets can I follow with Hector? In fact, you choose what you want to follow in your organization. Our asset tracking software allows you to track and monitor the material that matters to you, for example:

  • Computer equipment
  • Fleet of vehicles
  • Tools
  • Licenses and guarantees
  • Receipts
  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Loans and lease terms
  • And more.

, minimize hardware losses

Hardware management is a critical task for many companies. For many, the material owned by the company is distributed internally without necessarily assigning status or responsibility to an individual. Subsequently, these assets are redistributed among employees according to demands and needs, and so on.

You get the picture. The problem is that it becomes difficult to keep an overview of its assets without a hardware asset tracking system.

With Hector, you can assign rights to certain employees. By encouraging responsibility for the equipment, losses are minimized. Keep an overview of the movement of assets in your organization. Manage your shared resources more efficiently. Maintain control over tangible assets locally or remotely, because you can locate your assets at any time on the app.

Solution infonuagique

Always be prepared for audits

With a bespoke asset plan, maintain a tight and improved track record of the most important equipment. Avoid shortages in your inventory by always keeping an eye on it. Follow the life cycle of your assets using asset tracking to better plan your purchases and maintenance. In case of repair or replacement required, assign a status to your asset in the application.

Hardware asset management on Excel spreadsheet, it's so "90s"

We’ll say it, entering your assets manually in an “Excel table”, is so so long. We know that time is valuable at work, especially since management on manual tools such as spreadsheets does not provide as close monitoring as an automated solution.

Since with Hector asset tracking and monitoring is done automatically, you limit errors in your database and save time.

With the ability to use barcode asset tracking to identify your assets, updating your database is even more natural.

See how Hector can improve asset tracking in your industry