Do you have a referral program?

We do not have a referral program, but we will evaluate the possibility of offering a reward to any third-party referrals.

Is it possible to integrate Hector with another software or application?

Yes, we have developed an API, and we have a team available to help you ...integrate with any type of software. Also, we have turnkey integrations, like with Active Directory or OneLogin.
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Is it possible to export data as an Excel file with Hector?

Yes, the different views can be exported to Excel compatible files.

Can I use Hector from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, you can use the online version on any device, or download our mobile inventory application for ...tablets and smartphones.
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Can I use Hector on all browsers?

Yes, Hector works well with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

I travel often for work. Can I use Hector elsewhere than on my computer?

Yes, Hector is available everywhere. Just have an internet connection.

I forgot my password. How to get a new one?

You can change your password from the account of your company’s app administrator, or from the account of a colleague who has the rights ...to make these changes, or from the link on the login page “Forgot your password”. It still does not work? Just contact the support team to request a password reset. In the case where Hector is integrated with Active Directory, you must rely on the Active Directory procedure to recover your password or modify it.
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My credit card does not work. What should I do?

We invite you to contact the technical support team, we will make the payment manually. In a ...case where the payment still does not work, you will have to communicate directly with your banking service.
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I changed my credit card. How to update it in the system?

Two options are available to you: Option 1: You can modify your banking information on the application yourself in the payment portal. Option 2: You can contact ...the technical support team to update your information.
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What types of assets can I follow with Hector?

All the assets you can imagine! Do you want to follow pens? No problem, Hector is very flexible. Want to control your cup of tea ...inventory? It’s possible! Just imagine it.
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Is my information safe in your system? Where are they registered?

The data transmitted to Hector is made with a 256-bit encryption technology with encrypted keys. In addition, once transmitted, they are encrypted and stored in ...the database. Our administrators do not have access to any account or password. Your data is weather proof because Hector saves it every day.
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How many assets can I track in total?

There is no limit, Hector can take in bulk.

Can I scan barcodes and QR codes with Hector?

Yes, as requested by our clients, we’ve added QR Codes on the app. An entry screen for barcodes is included with Hector. Hector follows ...industry standards with Typography 39, which is recognized by virtually all barcode scanners on the market.  
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Can I use my existing barcodes?

Yes, your barcodes are welcome at Hector! Code 39, Code 128, QR Code and several other types of barcodes are supported by Hector.

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