School Asset Management Software

The school inventory management is a real headache. Often, in addition to managing the assets allocated to school staff, these organizations must also manage student equipment rentals. Schools need an inventory management system tailored to their unique challenges.

To save time and avoid losses, especially for rentals, a school asset management system is an ideal solution for schools.

Streamline your inventory tracking and equipment rental with one user-friendly solution; Hector.

What our school inventory management system can do for you

Here are some of the functionalities you will love with our inventory management system:

1. Track all your assets with easy barcode scanning

You can easily scan the asset tags of every item to keep track of your inventory, and know where each item is located. You can use barcode scanners or scan the bar codes or QR codes with your mobile devices thanks to our mobile app. This way you always know what school has what equipment or consumables. With a Cloud-based software like ours, no need to be at the office to know your inventory levels and manage inventory levels.

2. Know in real-time your stock levels and when to reorder

Managing consumables and IT equipment can be pretty time-consuming. But not with Hector. You always know in real-time if you’ve got a low inventory on specific items with our low stock alerts, you get a notification when it’s time to reorder. You can even create purchase orders and work orders straight in the software.

3. Manage equipment & room rentals

Students can have their own Hector account, enabling them to rent equipment, you keep track of who rented what assets, when they are due to be returned, and when they are late. Students can even receive alerts or consequences when their item is late. You can easily check-in and check out items with barcodes scans, and rent rooms just as easily.

4. Get financial reports in seconds

May it be for financial audits, or your insurance, you know exactly how much your inventory is worth, for each school, department or building.

5. Get rid of human error

Excel is fine if you have juste a few things to track, but educational institutions have many assets, in many different locations, which makes human error all the more dangerous. With Hector you have a management platform to track assets easily and have everything in one place.

6. Track your asset’s lifecycle

When is it time to order new laptops or Chromebooks? Is this one still on its warranty? What’s the serial number? Does it need preventive maintenance initiatives? You can track all the information you need of every single item, know its lifecycle, when it’s time to buy new ones, where they were bough, how many time they were borrowed and more.

Who can use our school asset tracking software?

With our inventory management solution, you will have a complete inventory control over your it assets, physical assets, and any other education assets you have.

Hector is the perfect asset tracking system for;

  • K-12 schools
  • Primary & secondary schools (Middle school & High School)
  • School districts
  • Cegeps
  • Colleges & campuses
  • Universities
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School inventory management system : a range of possibilities

Good asset tracking begins with better monitoring of equipment internally. Our school tracking system, which is also used for equipment loan management, is so flexible that you choose the assets you want to track. Here are some examples:

  • Hardware
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • School supplies
  • Projectors
  • Sports equipment
  • Classroom equipment
  • Books and magazines
  • Classroom furniture
  • Room reservations
  • IT support equipment

Using Excel as an asset management solution?

Using an Excel spreadsheet for inventory control is like using a fax or a rotary phone; we’re way past that. Nowadays, cloud-based inventory management tools can help you save hours of work every week.

Not only will you limit errors in your database but you will save time with nifty functionalities, notifications and optimized workflows.

Try the inventory management software made for your specific needs.


Ready to track all your assets in one easy-to-use platform?


Bring all your asset data in one easy tracking solution; Hector!


Jamf School

Integration with Jamf School enables you to import your Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, into Hector, allowing you to track end of life dates, versions, operating systems and to have a better grasp of your IT inventory.


Microsoft intune

Integration with Microsoft Intune allows you to synchronize devices and licenses from the Intune environment to Hector, enabling you to import your IT assets automatically.


Zoho Books

Connect our reservation and loan module with Zoho Books to synchronize your items and generate invoices for your equipment loans. You’ll save an enormous amount of time and risk of error by skipping the step of creating invoices manually in Zoho.


Salto KS

Add the power of intelligent doors to your Hector environment. With our integration with Salto, you’ll be able to secure your rooms, so that doors only open to users who have made a reservation with our loan management module during the reserved period. Eliminate the use of physical keys, which are easy to lose and hard to control and welcome unlocking doors with your smart phone.


Microsoft Outlook

Would you like your room bookings made in Hector to show in Outlook and vice versa? Our integration with Outlook will enable you to synchronize all events between the two platforms, giving you greater visibility of upcoming bookings regardless of which system you’re working in.


Microsoft SCIM

Synchronize your users with our SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) integration, which lets you import your groups, departments and users into Hector, with the option of enabling SSO (single sign on), to facilitate access to the application using your organization’s known connection protocols.

of Hector's school inventory management software

Discover the benefits of implementing a flexible, efficient and easy-to-use school inventory system like ours.

Better visibility on your assets

Keep an overview of your equipment at all times. You will have an overview of all the movements that take place in your inventory. You’ll spend less time managing school’s assets, and you’ll have more time to teach!

Quick Start

Our equipment loan management solution is easy and fast to implement. Since you do not need to list everything from the beginning, you can start with a small amount of inventory assets and add them as you go.

Tracking the value of your assets

Allow Hector to track the depreciation of your assets for you. Our tool calculates the lifespan of equipment available for rental using various factors such as the number of exits, breakage, estimated life, etc. The application notifies you when it is time to change the said asset.

More rigorous rental management

With a solid school inventory management software, you will greatly reduce hardware losses. Thanks to its simplicity, everyone can use our software for the management of equipment rental. Your inventories will be well kept.

Avoid inventory failures

Our tool informs you of the assets that leave most often and for which demand is higher. So you can plan new purchases for the most requested equipment. You will avoid the problems related to inventory failures.

Easy as A-B-C

Since Hector’s IT infrastructure is already strong and in place, the integration of this solution is simple and easy. There is no need for qualified in-house professionals to handle the rental management software, or to train staff. Everyone can use it.


Hector’s open system has made all the difference in the world for us! From now on, students can book their equipment in advance online and this has made a huge difference.

Hector helps with traceability, with Covid-19 it’s even more important, about 30 employees use Hector and they are very happy with what Hector offers in terms of functionality.

Thanks to Hector, we can better manage the loan and return of audiovisual and movie equipment as well as keep a complete inventory of our items. Our old system was very limited, which was not good for us.

Very good inventory management and online reservation tool for our students. Excellent and responsive customer service and support. Great development prospects.

Hector brings us EVERYTHING we need for our management and equipment loans and PLUS, the developers are active!

Hector has given us a lot of new functionality that we didn’t have with our old system.

Hector is a very practical software in the daily management of the loan of our materials. And above all, a dynamic, competent team that listens to its customers is what makes Hector’s strength.