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Is the flex office becoming the new reality for employers?

Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of many employers.

Many have had to adapt to this new reality, in addition to having to manage this ever-changing period alongside employees.

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ISO 27001: Information security standard (3/3)

ISO standards are standards that define the steps and measures to be followed in different fields.

They are designed to standardize a set of procedures, which affects both the way a product is manufactured and the management of materials.


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ISO 9001: Quality Management (2/3)

ISO standards are established to indicate to companies in various environments which procedures should be followed to offer quality service. This includes everything related to the manufacturing of products, the quality of materials used and the management that oversees these processes.

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Which ISO standards are right for your business? (1/3)

ISO standards are international standards that indicate the best procedures to follow for certain industries.

These standards are as much about how to design a product, as they are about managing processes and materials.


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The importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) management

PPE is personal protective equipment provided to workers to protect them from threats to their health and safety.

Depending on the field of work, various types of personal protective equipment may be used.


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Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?

If by misfortune your company is the victim of a fire, what procedures do you have in place to save your computer equipment?

Do you intend to stop all your activities for an indefinite period of time until you can return to work?

There has to be a better option!

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