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Library Management Software (LMS) – Automation System

Are you looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to automate the lending of books or school materials? Whether it is to optimize your school’s internal operations or to reduce human effort, the most commonly used solution is Library Management Software (“LMS”).

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Management of tangible and intangible assets

Fixed asset management software allows an organization to track all of its assets while taking into account accounting and tax regulations.

This allows a company to run simulations with its fixed assets in order to better plan the impact of depreciation and amortization to consequently forecast its expenses.

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Off the shelf software Vs Custom software development

Can’t get enough of managing your inventory with an Excel document?

You want to update your inventory management methods, but you don’t yet know if you want to invest in the development of a customized software or in an off the shelf software?

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On-premise software vs Cloud server: what to choose?

A company must consider many aspects before choosing between a local server, also referred to as an on-premise server, or adopting a SaaS-type cloud computing solution.


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Tool management system : easier than you think!

The management of tools for companies that hold several types of tools is paramount. Moving from one construction site to another, equipment is numerous, and often displaced. It can therefore be very easy to quickly lose control of your inventory.

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Software Licensing Compliance : Ready for audit

It is very important for businesses to keep track of their software licenses. When a company makes non-compliant use of its licenses, it risks being fined, which can be very expensive, both financially and for the company’s image.

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