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Telework: The employer’s obligations

Government measures that were put in place to limit the spread of covid-19 forced employers to change the working conditions of employees. The most common measure was the requirement to telecommute when possible as part of the employees’ assignments.

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How to manage remote working in your company?

Remote working quickly became a must with the arrival of the global pandemic. Employees and employers alike have had to adapt quickly.

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Is the cloud secure?

The cloud is a solution that allows you to access data and documents from anywhere and from any medium whether it is a computer, a tablet or a phone. But is your data really secure?

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How to manage medical equipment?

A hospital must have a good supply system to ensure that it never runs out of medical supplies, such as pharmacy stock, and never puts a patient’s health at risk. Having an up-to-date inventory can solve many problems related to medical equipment and inventory management.

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What is depreciation of a fixed asset?

A fixed asset is a set of items intended to be used on a long-term basis for a company’s activity. In other words, they are assets that a company owns for a long time and that are not intended for resale.

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Preventive maintenance procedure for equipment

Preventive maintenance is probably the most neglected type of maintenance. Yet it can make a big difference to your business. It allows you to prevent unexpected equipment incidents that can affect your business.

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