Simplified management of your inventory operations

Have you ever dreamed of being able to easily manage all the steps your inventory goes through? Well, it’s possible in Hector! Our operation module allows you to manage your daily actions such as supplies, preparation and delivery of stocks, as well as the repair of your material. All in one centralized tool!

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Management of inventory operations

your business process

The implementation of an inventory management process is essential to ensure the sustainability of your business. The operation module allows you to manage all the steps involved in inventory management.

Purchase order

This component allows you to manage the supply of material in stock by sending a purchase order to your supplier, whether internal or external to the organization. The purchase order is customizable and adapts to your internal nomenclature in order to generate the order number. Once completed, you can print or email it to your supplier.

You can add an approval system to your purchase orders, so that the supply request is validated by a manager before being sent. You can also track the progress of the order to see if any orders are in danger of being delayed. Once the order is received, the material is automatically created in Hector to track inventory.

Management of stock purchase orders
Preparation and delivery order

Delivery and transfer order

To facilitate the transfer or delivery of stock, this component allows you to follow all the steps of the process from preparation to delivery.

By using delivery notes, mistakes are no longer possible! All items that are to be delivered are scanned before they leave as well as when they arrive. If not all the material has been scanned, the system generates a partial delivery alert.

Work order

Work orders allow you to schedule repairs and maintenance of equipment or rooms within your organization or at a client’s location. This way, you can mobilize the necessary equipment to complete the work order and avoid it being picked up by an employee. Then, all you have to do is produce the invoice!

A work order approval system can also be implemented. When an employee or customer makes a request for maintenance or repair, the request is submitted to a manager for approval before being transferred to the work order technician.

Work order
Gestion des commandes de stock

Requisition order

Requisition orders allow your users, whether employees, customers or suppliers, to request materials regardless of stock levels. Your inventory management team can then plan fulfillment activities based on inventory levels.

With Hector you will have a nifty dashboard to monitor the progress of current requests, process incoming requests, and complete completed requests. You can specify quantity limits, adjust permissions and the approval process.

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Asset tracking

Build a database at your own pace. Our flexible tool allows you to build your own asset plan, depending on the material you want to include in the inventory.

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Location de matériel

Equipment checkout

Managing hardware inputs and outputs is much more efficient on an automated tool than on a spreadsheet where you have to manually change everything. Increase your work speed with this feature.

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Modules de rapport

Reporting modules

Manually mounting reporting grids is a thing of the past. With the automation of your reports, you won’t have any more problems with keystrokes, computation errors, or missing data.

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Solution infonuagique

Cloud asset management

With a cloud based asset management software, your information is synchronized in a database. You can update your inventory anytime, anywhere.

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Sécurité des données

Secure data center

Hector’s database is highly secure. Like an impenetrable fortress, your sensitive information is securely stored in our system.

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Identifiant unique

Single sign-on

With our single sign-on system, access to Hector data is faster, without the need to manually enter your information each time you log in to the app.

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Menu Application Mobile

Mobile application

The Hector application guarantees you fast and secure access to track your assets at any time of day, no matter where you are!

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IT inventory

With an automated tracking of your computer inventory, the endless management and tracking problems are now gone! Keep an overview of the assets and their status at all times.

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