Inventory tracking can be quite a headache, and being out of stock is THE worst. You need a real-time inventory system to help you track inventory levels and forecasting, know what stock is in which point-of-sale (POS), and most importantly, when it’s time to reorder.

It’s true for multi-million businesses and small businesses alike, no matter the industry.

Luckily, we’ve got the inventory management system YOU need.

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An inventory software that helps you track

What items can I follow with Hector? Anything your business needs!

You can track custom data to easily keep track of your inventory items, from serial numbers, to unique SKU, internal codes, or even amazon links. Simplify your equipment and warehouse management with the right asset tracking tool.

Simply track;

Raw material; know how much raw material is left and receive a notification when you are running low and needs to reorder.

Finished products; How many items of each type do you currently have in stock? Make sure you always have enough, set a minimum so you have notifications when you need to restock.

Equipments and tools; Track what equipments and tools are in which location, plan maintenance and track depreciation so you know when to replace equipment.

Software and licenses; Track which software you use, their passwords, who has access, and be notified when you need to renew licenses.

Laptops and IT equipment; Track laptops, mobile phone, mouses, or any other tech item your employees use.


Manage your inventory Quickly and easily

See for yourself how easy and time-saving Hector can be by trying it for free. 

with one easy-to-use tool

Hector is the perfect inventory management software to help you track everything that goes in and out of your warehouse or pos. Increase productivity and profits, and improve your supply chain management with our advanced inventory solution.

Here’s how Hector can help you;

Reorder points; that help you define your minimums and reorder notifications to know when to order more.

Purchase orders; Custom PO allows you to manage the supply of material in stock by sending a purchase order to your provider, whether internal or external to the organization.

Delivery and transfer order; To facilitate the transfer or delivery of stock, this component allows you to follow all the steps of the process from preparation to delivery.

Bar code and scanner; Using barcode scanners saves you a lot of time and money. You can add and track inventory faster, avoid human error and get an accurate inventory with real-time data, allowing you to make informed decisions for planning your next purchases.

Mobile application; You can scan bar codes directly with your cell phone, and have a quick an easy view of your inventory wherever you go.

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Avoid stockout inventory Hector

The best inventory management software for

Whether you have an Ecommerce store, amazon marketplace, use shopify or any other sales channels, Hector can help you keep track of all your inventory. Hector works great for small to medium businesses (SMBs) (and for larger companies too, of course).

Here’s why:

  • Easy-to-use and setup
  • All your equipments and products in one place
  • Support & training available

as an inventory management solution?

Using an Excel spreadsheet for inventory control is as dated as using a rotary phone. You probably use a CRM, POS system, accounting software, an order management tool or even ERP, so why use a spreadsheet for your inventory? Nowadays, cloud-based inventory management tools can help you save hours of work every week. You’ll know very easily your stock levels and when to reorder.

Not only will you limit errors in your database but you will save time with nifty functionalities, notifications and optimized workflows.

With the ability to use barcode scanning to easily identify your items, and a mobile app (available for android and ios) updating your database is even more easy and natural.

Try the inventory management software made for your specific needs.


Connects with useful

Easily connect with integrations to bring all your inventory data into hector in a breeze.


Microsoft intune

Integration with Microsoft Intune allows you to synchronize devices and licenses from the Intune environment to Hector, enabling you to import your IT assets automatically.


Microsoft MECM / SCCM

Integration with Microsoft MECM / SCCM (Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager / Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager) enables devices and licenses from the Microsoft environment to be synchronized with Hector, automatically importing your IT assets


Google Chrome OS

Integration with Google Chrome OS enables you to import your Chromebooks into Hector, allowing you to track end of life dates, versions, operating systems and to have a better grasp of your IT inventory.


Jamf School

Integration with Jamf School enables you to import your Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, into Hector, allowing you to track end of life dates, versions, operating systems and to have a better grasp of your IT inventory.


Jamf Pro

Integration with Jamf Pro enables you to import your Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, into Hector, allowing you to track end of life dates, versions, operating systems and to have a better grasp of your IT inventory.



The integration between C2 ITSM (IT service management) and Hector facilitates inventory creation. You can add inventory to Hector from C2 and vice versa. Categories created in Hector can be linked to those in C2, ensuring that your Configuration Items (CIs) remain up-to-date with Hector data.



Our ISBN integration allows you to pull inventory into your Hector environment using the International Standard Book Number found on books, magazines, and many other medium types. Hector uses multiple indexes to find author, title, edition, category, and even the book cover, to make importing books into Hector a breeze.


Grics Achat

Our Grics Achat integration allows you to create your inventory from the receipt of orders in Achat. Hector can import make, model, location and serial number, eliminating the need for double entry and ensuring accuracy.



Import tickets from Zendesk directly into Hector in the form of a work order. In this way, you’ll be able to track the number of interventions by equipment, make, model and category.


Zoho Books

Connect our reservation and loan module with Zoho Books to synchronize your items and generate invoices for your equipment loans. You’ll save an enormous amount of time and risk of error by skipping the step of creating invoices manually in Zoho.