Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM)

Say goodbye to asset tracking and management on Excel spreadsheet. Any successful, self-respecting company needs to have flexible and powerful enterprise asset management software (EAM). With automated management of your business inventory, you’ll save time to focus on what really matters and reduce errors.

The EAM software for any self-respecting company

All SMEs who aspire for the best must have a powerful enterprise asset management software to manage their inventories. When you do everything manually, you end up losing track; we lose equipment, we do not really know where we are with our assets in stock and we must constantly perform checks.

With an automated tool, you will be audit ready at any time. By decreasing errors and speeding up the asset management process, you will increase your company’s accounting and look more professional. We promise you!

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Hector’s open system has made all the difference in the world for us! From now on, students can book their equipment in advance online and this has made a huge difference.

As the CTO of Edgenda for over 10 years, I am very comfortable recommending Hector as a technology value add for organizations.

Thanks to Hector, we can better manage the loan and return of audiovisual and movie equipment as well as keep a complete inventory of our items. Our old system was very limited, which was not good for us.

Very good inventory management and online reservation tool for our students. Excellent and responsive customer service and support. Great development prospects.

Hector brings us EVERYTHING we need for our management and equipment loans and PLUS, the developers are active!

Hector helps with traceability, with Covid-19 it’s even more important, about 30 employees use Hector and they are very happy with what Hector offers in terms of functionality.

Hector has given us a lot of new functionality that we didn’t have with our old system.


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