Single Sign-On (SSO) Inventory Software : Active Directory and more

As if we were not already saving you enough time, we offer you the possibility to access our asset tracking software from a unique identifier system (also called a single sign-on), with active directory and more!

Bye-bye the weight of having to connect to multiple locations and memorize multiple passwords. Your access to the application is simplified with this feature.

Identifiant unique

What exactly is a

No need to go get the definition on Google, we’ll tell you here (Oh, look at how we help you save time once again!).

A unique identifier allows you to access several different services from a single account. That means you do not have to enter a thousand and one pieces of information to create different accounts each time, and you can also connect to different services at any time from your existing account.

In addition to being practical, it's easy to set up

In the case of Hector, instead of having to create several accesses and several passwords (as if we didn’t already have enough!), you can access our system by being connected to your Active Directory or OneLogin.

Don’t worry, setting up this function is super simple. In fact, our SSO inventory system is able to synchronize your employee directory. Basically, if you have Active Directory, you will not need to enter the information by hand.

This way, you give employees access to relevant information when they need it. Access to the application is simplified and faster, since Identity and Access Management is supported by the Hector application.

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