An impenetrable fortress for the security of your data

Formerly, it is said that Hector was the protector of the city of Troy. Today, he has recycled himself into a secure data center and he ensures the security of your data in our SaaS.

No kidding, our data center is really safe. Your sensitive information is secure at all times in Cloud hosting. And just as we have the mission to be the guardian of your assets, we manage the IT infrastructure for you without having to assign that responsibility to your company’s resources.

Sécurité des données

database engines

We assure you, our database engines are kept more up to date than the Greek mythology on which we base ourselves to give a name to our product!

In fact, we always make sure we have the most recent protection for our system. Your information such as your username and password are kept in the database, but online asset management is maintained at all times.

All data that circulates on Hector is encrypted with private keys, preventing unauthorized access to transactions.

But since we are never too sure...

Since nothing is foolproof in a world as volatile as information technology, we do not store your credit card information to compromise the security of this highly sensitive data.

Thus, this data is protected from malicious entities that would infiltrate our impenetrable fortress.

Solution infonuagique

See how the security of your data can be used to manage hardware in your industry