OPAC de l'Oise

The Opac de L'Oise turned to Hector to get rid of paper requests for the management of their IT assets.

Before Hector

OPAC de L’Oise (Office public d’aménagement et de construction) is the largest social landlord in Picardie, the organization owns an average of 32,000 homes spread over 5 departments, which they rent and resell. Their main objective is to provide people in financial difficulty with viable housing at moderate prices. 

OPAC has been using Hector since 2021, but before Hector no solution was in place to manage the inventory.  It was mostly done with an Excel workbook. It was very complex to use due to the amount of rows, and the tracking of materials was very time consuming. All employee requests for equipment replacements/repairs were done on paper, and were mostly handled by one person. Over time, the accumulation of paper requests became almost impossible to manage, and the inventory became completely skewed… With this management, it was impossible to know if there were losses or theft in the past. 

« We turned to Hector to finally have an up-to-date inventory. The management with QR codes was one of the most important aspects for us. The quick assignment of material via the mobile application was a decisive factor. »

image damien Information systems technician

Damien Hisberger

Information systems technician


orange eliminate paper application

Eliminate paper applications

Have an up-to-date inventory in real time

Have an up-to-date inventory in real time

person orange mobility

To be able to manage the inventory in mobility

QR code orange round

Associate a QR code with the material

“We turned to Hector to finally have an up-to-date inventory. Management with QR codes was one of the most important aspects for us. The quick assignment of materials via the mobile app was a deciding factor.”


Identification of the material with a QR code

computer phones mobile

Instant allocation via the mobile application

cloud orange solution

Cloud solution accessible anywhere

box integration orange azure

Integration with Azure to synchronize hardware

orange license check mark

Software license tracking

clipboard orange reminder

Reminder of license renewals

Transition to Hector

“As soon as we chose to implement Hector within the OPAC, the Hector team immediately gave us access to the software so that we could begin our inventory. We took a bank of training hours, because it was important for us to be accompanied in the first steps and for the follow-up. When we have questions or need training, we always have an appointment within a week. On a technical level, as it is a simple solution to understand, we had no particular problems implementing it”.

The OPAC de l’Oise took advantage of a transition within their company, with a gradual replacement of the equipment to add it to Hector as they went along.

“The transition to Hector made it easy to update our inventory!”.

Why did you choose Hector?

orange QR code

QR code

customer service phone orange

Reactivity of the team

evolution software orange

Constant evolution of the system

“The choice for Hector was made because of the QR code generation combined with the mobile application. We didn’t find such efficient solutions on the market. Hector’s team was also very responsive to improve the platform, especially for partial receipt of material orders.”

Better visibility of the available equipment

“Hector allows for a much clearer inventory visual than if it were on an Excel spreadsheet.”

computer hector use of mobile application

Better balance of the charges

“The inventory is accessible to us administrator, which helps balance the loads. During a busy day, we can divide up the tasks and work simultaneously managing inventory and material allocations.”

“The IT department is happy to have a real inventory management software. At the user level it was easy to get the team to adopt.”

How Hector has made the difference ?

“The service with the Hector team for the implementation went well, it was very quick which allowed us to get all of our assets in place. The team was able to come to our aid quickly when there were issues with our LDAP synchronization due to our hybrid environment and really looked into it to find a solution. The Hector team was there to meet our expectations.”

“Since Hector allows us to send notifications in the software part, when a software expires, it sends us an attention email that notifies us that for example in 1 month the software is going to expire and we need to think about resubscribing. This allows us to not get in trouble after the license has expired, like for an antivirus for example…We also manage the renewal of the Hector license in Hector!”

“In terms of instance execution, since the opening of the servers in Paris for European customers, we have appreciated a better speed of the software. There was a day when we noticed that there was a very long delay, I sent an email to the Hector team to tell them our concerns about the delay and the team noticed the problem and then the next day it was resolved very quickly. Now it’s almost instantaneous, our operations go very fast!”

Appreciation :

Visible result in terms of speed

“A big strength is that Hector’s software is constantly evolving, it’s a product that evolves and is not stagnant. It’s software that lives, and we enjoy discovering new features.”

“Hector has made our lives easier.”

“It’s a software that has qualities with employees that are very responsive, you can feel that they are dedicated to the solution, whenever we have a problem they respond directly.”

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