Saint Laurent College

The Saint-Laurent College has taken the digital turn by adopting Hector to manage loans of materials to students and employees.

Comptoir de prêts pour les étudiant du Cégep St Laurent

Before Hector

Located in Saint-Laurent in the heart of the city of Montreal, Saint-Laurent College offers everything a student could want. In addition to having a multitude of programs in regular and continuing education, the Saint-Laurent College offers several specializations in the arts and sciences. Students will be welcomed in an environment that will allow them to surpass themselves and innovate. 

« Hector helps with traceability, with Covid-19 it's even more important, about 30 employees use Hector and they are very happy with what Hector offers in terms of functionality. »

David Fortuné - Analyste IT Cégep St Laurent

David Fortuné

IT Business Analyst


Défi de synchronisation des données

Synchronization between the intranet and the various College services

Défi de réservations manuelles

Reservations not planned in advance and made manually

Défi de réservation pour les enseignants

Inability to lend equipment to employees

For several years, the Saint-Laurent College had been looking for a solution to better manage its stockroom and equipment. The goal was to gather all the assets under a cloud solution, to facilitate the management of the IT department

Since it was impossible for students and employees of the College to make reservations in advance, it was very complex to achieve optimal management of equipment loans.  That’s why it was important to find a solution that would provide real-time data, but also ensure synchronization with the software already used by the College, such as Azure and Omnivox.

«About two and a half years ago, we wanted to find a solution to integrate with the College’s digital shift, we wanted a cloud-based solution».


solution inventaire infonuagique

Web-based software available online

Accès sécurisé pour les utilisateurs

Secure and unlimited access for employees and students

Réservation en ligne du matériel

Online reservations for equipment and study rooms

Calendrier des prêts et disponibilités

Reliable and accurate loan schedule

Gestion des prêts Multi magasin

Management of the various College Stockrooms

Facilité de paiement mensuel pour l'abonnement inventaire

Monthly payments and based on the number of assets.

Transition to Hector

Implementing Hector’s technology came with its own set of risks. Implementing new software in an organization is never easy, it requires a lot of investment and time. It took many extra hours to get everything in place, but the result was very positive.

Why did you choose Hector?

Logiciel québécois

Hector is a Quebec-based product that offers the cloud-based solution

Logiciel tarification flexible

Flexible pricing based on the number of items

Nombre d'utilisateurs illimités

Unlimited number of users

Support et équipe réactive

The responsiveness of the team behind Hector

Amélioration continue du logiciel

The continuous improvement and evolution of its functionalities 

Logiciel avec intégration API

The API that bridges the gap with other systems

In addition, the organization’s previous system had experienced a major outage and was no longer secure enough to manage the assets. They had to make the change quickly, and Hector’s team was there to help them get their student loan servicing back on track. 

«At the time we acquired Hector, the product was not yet meeting all of our needs, yet it was always easy to contact the team if we had a problem. Two years later, the platform has grown and the Hector team is still as responsive as ever».

Better visibility of available equipment

«Students can see at a glance, through the catalog, what equipment is available on the dates they want, according to their program or study group. That’s what we like about Hector: the information is updated in real time.

With the paper system, students did not necessarily come back to cancel their reservations in the booklet, which led others to believe that they could not borrow the equipment when there was still availability.»

Expérience Hector pour les étudiants

Better user experience

The arrival of Hector has made it possible to offer students and employees of Cégep Saint-Laurent a more pleasant experience when making a reservation. 

«Most students constantly have their smartphones in their hands, so it was necessary to find a solution that would allow them to make online reservations from their phones». 

Better communication between requesters.

Having all of your assets in one place has avoided many misunderstandings between intermediaries. In addition, not having to go through different applications or emails to track reservations greatly limits the number of errors.

How did Hector make the difference?

Hector is very good at managing the materials available for loan. Initially, they realized that they had very few assets, but that there was a huge turnover rate for one store alone. Today, the college is able to manage all of the college’s stockrooms through the use of Hector. 

«We chose to start with a small stockroom with assets that were loaned out very often. We loved what Hector allowed us to do. Today, we manage 13 stores with a total of more than 5000 assets»

The use of Hector allows them to manage materials from 13 stockrooms, such as the visual arts store, film store, music store, theater store, recreation store, library store and more. 

The College realized that there was a need in the market and that Hector had the potential to fill that need and grow with them for many years.


«Hector helps with traceability, with Covid-19 it’s even more important, about 30 employees use Hector and they are very happy with what Hector offers»

«We are their first educational customer and we are proud of it».

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