UQO uses Hector for its inventory and reservation management

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Hector has given us a lot of new functionality that we didn’t have with our old system. Being a cloud platform, we now have the ability to manage our inventory from any device. We can also generate barcodes to identify our equipment and add as many fields of information as we want to our equipment to identify it properly and not forget anything.

Hector also offers a lot of customization in the messages that are displayed on the website and those that are sent by email to our users. The development team listens to the needs of its customers and many of the suggestions we have made to improve the use of the software have been implemented in record time! All this is accompanied by a competent and very efficient support team.

Hector is still developing many new features based on the needs of its customers. This is a rare quality in the field of inventory software, which is generally stagnant. This is just one of the reasons why we chose this software over the other options available to us. These new features are sometimes accompanied by minor problems, but these are usually fixed within 24 hours.


David Audet,

Technicien en technologie de l'information