Tool management system : easier than you think!

Posted on January 22 2021

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The management of tools for companies that hold several types of tools is paramount. Moving from one construction site to another, equipment is numerous, and often displaced.

It can therefore be very easy to quickly lose control of your inventory.

tablets tool management software

It is important to keep your tooling and rolling stock up to date for several reasons :

  • To know the location of your equipment
  • To manage periodic general interviews and audits
  • To ensure the economic profitability of your tools
  • To optimize your workers’ time
  • To provide a safe work environment
  • To meet project production deadlines
  • To ensure equipment performance

The objective is simple, you must constantly keep an eye on your assets to limit financial losses and ensure good productivity.

Effective tool management

If you manage your equipment well, you will notice many benefits for your business. In addition to saving time and costs, you can guarantee a safe working environment for your team.

Also, by accurately tracking your tools in real-time, by using, for example, construction asset management software, you will know where to find your tools easily and quickly, in addition to knowing the data of the latest users.

You will be able to better plan the dates when the equipment must be used, to be sure to always have all the necessary equipment in hand when the time comes.

This will allow you to optimize your workers’ time, in addition to guaranteeing compliance with production deadlines.

The importance of maintenance periods

If maintenance periods are done at the right time, you will certainly avoid lots of accidents or unforeseen events. For example, when a machine is defective or stops working on a job site.

Preventive maintenances ensures the correct operation of the different production tools. It is during this period that it will be determined if a machine needs to be repaired or replaced.

At the same time, it is also possible to schedule the next maintenance. By performing regular maintenance periods, your company will have fewer chances of facing delivery delays caused by products that are not available.

maintenance periods calendar

Facilitate tool tracking in your business

If managing your equipment seems difficult at first glance, know that it is possible to put procedures in place to save money and optimize your time.

Here are some solutions to enable you to effectively manage your tool fleet:

Create an inventory system :

Carry out an inventory of all the equipment of your company, taking care to name and quantify each tool or rolling stock.

Using a barcode system :

Identify your entire tool fleet using barcodes or QR codes. This will allow you to better follow the life cycle of your tools. You will simply have to scan your barcode to identify any given tool, see its maintenance history, and its availability.

create an inventory system

Create Fact Sheets :

Collect the technical and maintenance sheets of all the assets of your tool fleet in separate files. This will greatly facilitate the task for workers who are not particularly familiar with the procedures of each machine.

With service sheets, it will be even easier to update your equipment.

Once the datasheets are created, you can use an inventory management software to group them together. This will allow you to keep a digital version of your files directly associated with your equipment.

Schedule maintenance periods :

Determine maintenance dates based on specific criteria to avoid having to deal with unavailable products or to ensure the safety of your employees.

Use a tool management software :

Tool management software will be used to complete all previous tasks without having to do it manually. Scheduling maintenance dates, datasheets, and barcodes will all be available on the software.

Your company members will be able to access it at any time of the day directly from their mobile phones.

An online solution is the best way to quickly and efficiently track your equipment.

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