Toy library software: 5 reasons to use Hector

Posted on July 22 2021

Reading time: 4 minutes

Companies of all sizes have to deal with inventory management to ensure the efficiency of their departments and their business. 

Toy Library Management Software

It is therefore important to make the distinction that inventory management software is not only for managing computer equipment or office supplies.

In fact, inventory management software can be particularly useful for managing a toy library as well.

But what is a toy library?

A toy library is an establishment with a set of toys and games for the public.

Everything from video games, board games, card games, and any other games that can be found in a toy library can be managed by an inventory management software and available for loan to the public.

It’s a dream for young children, but also for video game enthusiasts, or even the perfect place to enjoy an evening with friends.

Here are 5 reasons you should choose Hector to help you manage your toy library

1. Manage your game inventory seamlessly with the help of a barcode scanner

You can easily identify with a barcode scanner the full suite of games you have in your toy library with the help of barcode labels.

Seamlessly integrated with the Hector software, you’ll be able to pull up full descriptions of each game as well as their up-to-date status at the click of a button!

This means you’ll also know if a game must be updated or even replaced completely. The barcodes can also help you better manage the associated rental costs if necessary.

2. Quick access to descriptions for all available games in your toy library

Generate detailed game sheets on the software

Are you looking for more information about the different versions you have in stock of a certain game? Its weight? The contents in the box?

When adding a game in the inventory with Hector, it’s possible to also include these characteristics within the file.

This will allow you to access the related information of each game within your catalogue of games so you can make an informed decision.

3. Easily manage online reservations

All that’s needed to use the Hector software, is a solid internet connection. So that means that you’ll have access to the information in your toy library 24/7.

The public can also rent from your toy library online directly from an app, their computer or a tablet.

Need to make changes to the description of a game? Employees can make the change, even directly from their phone even if they aren’t directly on site.

You will also have access to a summary of reservation statuses on the welcome screen when you login.

Whether it’s games that are signed out, or late, you’ll have access to all this as soon as you log in!

4. A subscription that is adapted to your needs

Did you recently expand your inventory and wish to upgrade your subscription? No problem!

Luckily, Hector is a fully personalized software.

Need to modify it?

Our team will gladly help you and advise you in the ajustement of your new modified subscription.

With a fully customized and affordable pricing plan based on the amount of inventory you hold, you’ll be sure to find the suitable solution for your needs without spending a fortune!

This affordable solution will not only help you save time but manage your products more efficiently to better serve your customers.

5. A team of professionals to support you

The Hector team is here to help you at all times. Have a question or a problem?

That’s what we’re here for! Our customer service team aims to accompany you throughout the process, from start to finish. We are always looking to improve so your feedback means a lot to us!

We want the application to evolve according to your needs and that is why we are listening to your feedback to make sure we are always improving our software.

Hector for a taylored toy library software

Hector for your toy library; a real game changer!

Hector is happy to offer a free trial for 15 days for all new members who are looking to test out a new software. Not convinced yet?

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