How to manage remote working in your company?

Posted on April 6 2022

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Remote working quickly became a must with the arrival of the global pandemic. Employees and employers alike have had to adapt quickly.

Managing teleworking in the workplace

Many companies were caught off guard when the health emergency was declared. Within days, employees were forced to work from home to limit the spread of COVID-19. Telecommuting has brought its own set of challenges to IT departments in order not to interfere with business operations.

The benefits of remote working

For employees

Despite the return of face-to-face activities, many workers have expressed their desire to not return to the office. For some, teleworking definitely brings its own set of benefits:

1- Productivity

Depending on the work environment, employee productivity has been significantly increased. Indeed, at home, there are (often) fewer distractions than in the workplace.

2 – Flexibility of working hours

Flexible hours make it easier to balance personal and professional life. By working from home, it only takes a few minutes to start the day, and the employee avoids the stress and time-consuming morning and evening drive to the office.

For employers

Employers can also benefit, such as savings on company expenses (rent, electricity, etc.). Also, it is no longer mandatory to limit yourself to the region where the company is located to recruit employees.

With teleworking, companies can recruit the best talent, regardless of their location. Under the right remote working conditions, employees are more productive, and take less sick time.

The Flex office trend

As 100% teleworking is not suitable for everyone, some companies want to review their organization. One of the options is the Flex Office, which can be defined as a workspace where no one has a dedicated office.

Companies are getting a smaller workspace, but large enough to accommodate a number of employees at the same time in the office. The Flex office also meets the need for freedom by choosing to work from home or from the office depending on the mood or the tasks to be done. Of course, there are closed rooms available for phone calls or meetings, and user-friendly spaces such as a break room and cafeteria.

Flex office reservation calendar

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The issue of teleworking and the Flex office

Remote working and Flex Office

Equipment management

To run its business, the company must ensure that employees have all the equipment they need to be productive:

  • A laptop computer with cameras
  • A laptop stand
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • A wifi connection
  • A second screen
  • A headset / microphone
  • A comfortable chair

The main issue that comes with remote work and the Flex office is the difficulty for employers to know which equipment is assigned to which employee. You need to be able to track what equipment is on loan at any given time. If an employee needs to borrow a specific piece of equipment, they need to be able to make a reservation.

Reservation of work space

For the Flex office to work, employees must be able to easily reserve a workspace or meeting room. To do this, a tool must inevitably be put in place. The tool must be able to provide information such as the location of the reserved office as well as the other colleagues who have reserved other offices.
It is with this information that employees will decide whether they will go to the office or stay at home that day.

How Hector supports you with teleworking and Flex Office

To make it easier for your company to telecommute, Hector can help you track and manage your assets. It will be easier for you to know which equipment is assigned to which employee. You’ll spend less time managing the loan of equipment internally and can focus on more important things.

In order for the Flex office not to become a nightmare, the company must have a reservation system to coordinate time slots and prevent employees from unnecessarily traveling to the office. With Hector, you can rest assured that this will not happen to you because your employees can make equipment and room reservations via the software in advance.

The booking feature also allows you to easily list the employees present in the office at a specific time, should a case of COVID-19 be reported in the company.

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