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Posted on November 5 2021

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Fleet management is the equivalent of computer inventory management, but for cars. It is in fact the fleet of an organization.

Truck fleet management system

What is a Fleet Vehicle?

Many companies have a fleet of vehicles. Whether it is for a company that makes deliveries, that manages a public transportation network, or that offers its employees a company vehicle, it is important to know how many vehicles (car, bus, truck…) it owns, their use, as well as their location.

A car fleet can include several types of vehicles, including heavy trucks or two-wheelers.

Knowing where a car is during the day or when it needs to be replaced requires good fleet management within an organization.

Why manage a fleet of vehicles?

The benefits of managing a fleet of vehicles are essentially the same as the benefits of properly managing your inventory.

It is important to keep track of vehicles, especially when parts need to be changed or when maintenance, such as an oil change, is required to ensure the safety of vehicles.

Vehicle fleet management can also determine the characteristics of each vehicle, in order to assign the right vehicle, to the right person, for the right use.

Software to centralize information

4 essential elements to ensure good management of a fleet of vehicles

Of course, fleet management is not easier than IT asset management. That’s why it’s important to have a good management system in place within the company.

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1. Management of contracts and vehicle information 

Depending on the company’s business, there may be a large number of vehicles to manage. It is important to keep close track of car rental contracts in order to be notified in advance when a contract expires or to avoid paying mileage penalties.

Using software also allows you to keep all vehicle information such as acquisition cost, depreciation, mileage and lease terms in one place. It will be easier to find when you need specific information about a particular vehicle.

2. Vehicle maintenance and upkeep

Vehicles need to be inspected regularly to ensure that no employee gets into an accident because of a vehicle that was not secured. With fleet management software, keep an eye on your vehicles by receiving a notification when your vehicle needs to be checked at the garage.

It is important to be diligent in vehicle maintenance and servicing to avoid paying expensive bills to the mechanic unnecessarily due to poor appointment management.

You will be able to keep all your invoices and inspection reports in your software in order to plan your next garage visits and your budget.

3. Budget management

The use of a vehicle management software will allow you to have an overview of the costs incurred by your fleet. You will have a real time view of all your vehicles and based on this data you can plan your budget accordingly.

You will also have a history of all the actions that have taken place over the last few years. This will allow you to be prepared in case of a fleet audit.

4. Fuel and vehicle management

Another important factor to consider is managing fuel consumption. If your company pays for gasoline for vehicles, you should keep your invoices for tracking purposes.

With a fleet management software, you will be able to keep your fuel invoices in order to control and analyze the fuel consumption of your vehicles.

You can even access vehicle availability in real time. This allows you to keep an eye on your fleet of vehicles and your employees while gaining in efficiency.

Fleet management software

Hector to manage your fleet

Although managing a fleet of cars may seem complex at first glance, it is very easy to set up an automated system to manage the cars.

Hector offers you an easy solution to manage your car fleet. It allows you to list all the cars currently in the organization and to add more if necessary. It is also possible to create descriptive sheets for each vehicle in order to put the important information.

For preventive or corrective vehicle maintenance, you can schedule an automated reminder to be notified of the date of an upcoming appointment. 

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Hector allows you to keep a history of all the actions that have taken place in the last few years. This will allow you to be prepared in case of a fleet audit.

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