How to manage medical equipment?

Posted on February 18 2022

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A hospital must have a good supply system to ensure that it never runs out of medical supplies, such as pharmacy stock, and never puts a patient’s health at risk. Having an up-to-date inventory can solve many problems related to medical equipment and inventory management.

Managing medical equipment well

The use of a healthcare and medical asset tracking management software allows you to centralize the information of your equipment and pharmaceutical products and to facilitate their management.

Challenges in the medical sector

The problems related to hospital environments are often the same from one institution to another. If the Excel spreadsheet seems to be the right solution at first, it becomes obsolete because of the workload of the medical staff and the lack of time to update it. Adopting an inventory management software will save you time and alert you when you need it.

Your medical equipment moves…

In a hospital, it is common for equipment to move from one location to another. In order not to lose control, you need to use software that allows you to reserve the equipment and know its location in case of an emergency. It is not optimal to have to look up where an oxygen concentrator is when someone needs it. It’s not practical and it puts patients’ health at risk.

Hector allows you to keep track of your medical equipment. Know where the equipment you need is at all times. Caregivers can manage the input and output of equipment. It’s an action that takes seconds to perform and all staff can know in real time where the equipment is located.

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Poor management of hospital equipment

In a hospital, pharmaceutical supplies must be closely monitored to ensure that the necessary quantities are in stock to provide quality patient care. Too often, staff are overworked and don’t take the time to keep track of what they use.

If the quantities of material available are not updated in a system, material may be purchased unnecessarily or material may be out of stock. The use of an easy to use software allows you to keep track of your small equipment (syringes and others) as well as the larger ones (wheelchair, defibrillator, etc.).

Here are some examples of medical assets you can track using inventory management software:

Medical equipment management software

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Monitor your inventory and your pharmacy stock with Excel

Hospitals, like any other business, must conduct an annual inventory. Using ill-suited tools such as Excel can make the task even more cumbersome, as it is not a tool specifically designed to track inventory.

Inventory management systems can inform you where your materials are and who is responsible for them at that moment. In addition, when it comes to pharmacy stock, Hector can notify you when the stock quantity reaches the minimum threshold.

Lack of communication between systems

Hospitals often use several outdated systems that do not communicate with each other. This results in information being lost or out of date.

Hector’s asset inventory management software allows you to reserve materials, check inventory and communicate with your existing systems to place orders and keep your data up to date. It’s an all-in-one tool that makes it easy to get things done, and it will make you want to take your annual inventory!

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