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How to manage your library in times of crisis?

Like restaurants, retail stores and many businesses, municipal and school libraries have had to quickly adapt to online services. Online reservations and contactless pick-ups become their main allies so they could continue to serve citizens during the pandemic. 

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Implement a preventive maintenance plan

In the absence of proper and functioning equipment, you’re not only wasting time, but you’re also jeopardizing employee productivity and the reputation of your service, all while seeing an increasement of operational cost. The implementation of a preventive maintenance plan prevents you from experiencing these unfortunate and frustrating situations.

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Manage your inventory with a barcode scanner

Although computers are not perfect, they are far more accurate than any human. That’s why more and more companies are turning to scanners, also known as handheld barcode readers or barcode scanners, to manage their assets.

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Precise hospital logistics to avoid disasters in the event of a crisis

The management of medical equipment is essential in the health care industry, particularly because the health of patients and staff is at stake. Find out how this mission can be affected by inaccurate inventory management.

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How to manage inventory effectively

The assets within a company’s inventory are very important, and improper management has a direct impact on a company’s productivity. Here are our valuable tips and best practices to optimize your business asset management.

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Remote working in times of crisis: an IT manager’s perspective

Teleworking in times of crisis is a challenge for information technology (IT) departments, which have to deploy equipment very quickly. We took the opportunity to interview an IT manager using our Hector inventory management solution to learn about the challenges he has faced and how he will handle the post-crisis period.

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