BLOGUE Hector is a cloud based asset management software developed in Quebec City in 2011. The tool was born from a need for custom control of inventories matching the real requirements of companies. Its mission is to protect their investments, limiting losses and allowing simplified access to important information on inventoried assets.



6 tips for school asset management over the summer

Inventory management is an essential process for all organizations, including schools. During the summer, when schools are closed, school asset management becomes even more critical. Here are 6 practical tips for optimizing school asset management over the summer period.

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Simplify your back-to-school inventory management

New school year, same problem: outdated inventory management that doesn’t make the storekeeper’s job any easier. Keeping track of thousands of assets with Excel, library software (SIGB) or, worse still, by hand is a real ordeal… which could easily be avoided.

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6 tips for managing school supplies over the summer

Managing school stock is essential for all educational institutions. In summer, when schools are closed, it’s important to take advantage of this time to optimize inventory management. Here are six practical tips to improve management.

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How to choose a barcode printer ?

When it comes to barcode labels, companies often wonder whether it is better to contact an external supplier for printing, or do it yourself.

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Library Management Software (LMS) for Schools, Cities…

Are you looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to automate the lending of books or school materials? Whether it is to optimize your school’s internal operations or to reduce human effort, the most commonly used solution is Library Management Software (“LMS”).

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How to manage your library in times of crisis?

Like restaurants, retail stores and many businesses, municipal and school libraries have had to quickly adapt to online services. Online reservations and contactless pick-ups become their main allies so they could continue to serve citizens during the pandemic. 

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Asset Tracking and Loaner Management for Education

The management of material resources within educational institutions should not be a heavy task that encroaches on ongoing projects and requires time. However, this is a reality that is found in high schools, universities and specialized schools when it comes to loaner management and inventory tracking for audiovisual equipment, for instance.

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