BLOGUE Hector is a cloud based asset management software developed in Quebec City in 2011. The tool was born from a need for custom control of inventories matching the real requirements of companies. Its mission is to protect their investments, limiting losses and allowing simplified access to important information on inventoried assets.


Toy library software: 5 reasons to use Hector

Companies of all sizes have to deal with inventory management to ensure the efficiency of their departments and their business. 

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Should you choose perpetual or periodic inventory for your business?

It can be difficult to know how to properly manage your company’s inventory. Depending on the size of the organization, there may be one type of inventory that fits the need better than another.


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EAM: Enterprise Asset Management

It’s a well-known fact that proper asset management provides significant benefits to an organization.

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How to choose a barcode printer ?

When it comes to barcode labels, companies often wonder whether it is better to contact an external supplier for printing, or do it yourself.

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Choosing the right barcode labels

We all know that the identification of equipment is the foundation for good inventory management within a company.

Depending on the sector of activity, there are different types of unique identifiers that can be used for different types of material goods.

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Guide to Asset Tagging 101

What exactly is asset tagging?

It’s simple, it consists of assigning a unique identifier to physical assets, allowing you to compile all the information concerning the physical assets your organization owns and keep it organized in one place.

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Return to work: what options do employers have?

Even if the pandemic is not yet behind us, companies have no choice but to prepare for a gradual return to work.

For a second time.

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Preparing the gradual return to work

It is obvious that the gradual return to the office will require a period of adjustment for many employees.

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Is the flex office becoming the new reality for employers?

Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of many employers.

Many have had to adapt to this new reality, in addition to having to manage this ever-changing period alongside employees.

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ISO 9001: Quality Management (2/3)

ISO standards are established to indicate to companies in various environments which procedures should be followed to offer quality service. This includes everything related to the manufacturing of products, the quality of materials used and the management that oversees these processes.

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