Asset Tracking and Loaner Management for Education

Posted on November 28 2019

The management of material resources within educational institutions should not be a heavy task that encroaches on ongoing projects and requires time. However, this is a reality that is found in high schools, universities and specialized schools when it comes to loaner management and inventory tracking for audiovisual equipment, for instance.

Effective education loan management

Not taking a technological turn and keeping old manual methods is a time-consuming and error-prone approach. That’s why many institutions have chosen to turn to school asset management softwares by storing their data in the cloud.

Here are some reasons that demonstrate the benefits of making this transition.

I. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere by staff

A software whose data is stored in the cloud is very fast to implement and requires no installation. Users with an account have access to it at any time from any platform (computer, tablet, smartphone).

When moving an asset from one place to another, the information contained in the inventory list can be modified in real time by accessing the asset sheet in just seconds with an internet connection.

Very handy during a quick check of a device’s status while on the move!

II. Managing inventory by stockrooms

Most schools must list and manage a variety of equipment found in different departments (audiovisual, computer, photography, physical education, etc.), and it is important to have a software that allows you to define multiple locations by creating appointed stockrooms.

It will then be very easy to transfer an asset from one place to another and have a clear and precise visibility of all assets per stockrooms.

In addition, this will ensure rigorous monitoring of the institution’s equipment loans, with the ability to define specific parameters for each places, such as opening hours or email reminders sent to staff members.

III. Organizing inventory by equipment category

Inventory equipment by category
With an asset management software like Hector, it is possible to group each asset into equipment categories, allowing you to have a global view of the inventory and define specific parameters to each before dispersing them through the stockrooms.

The indications that can be found when creating the assets can affect both the equipment in question (image, documents, maintenance frequency, lifespan), as well as being associated with the loaner and reservation system (loaner schedule per item, maximum reservation duration per item), which can be very useful in order to manage student loans.

Also, for a better tracking, the system makes it possible to generate its own barcodes by assets. This gives the possibility to find each equipment of the inventory in a simple and efficient way, thanks to the scan.

IV. Assignment of the material

In addition to the inventory that is loaned to students, we must not forget all the other equipment present in schools that are used daily by teachers and staff members or assigned to rooms.

It is therefore important to have a software that can manage loans with an online platform but also the possibility to assign equipment to specific resources. This feature can be used for longer holding periods, to distinguish staff assignment and student loans and gives a reliable and accurate visibility of all assets.

In just a few clicks or scan, it is possible with Hector to assign material to individuals, rooms or any other place or event, allowing to always keep an eye on the inventory, wherever it is!

V. Loaner system and reservation

Online materiel reservation and loans

Asset tracking software for education would be nothing without an online platform to manage student loans and equipment reservations.

By using a cloud-based solution, the management of equipment is very easy in work teams, allowing each member of staff to have access to their own loaner stockrooms.

In addition, students can have an account giving them the opportunity to book online by themselves items or rooms! This loan module for users becomes a real liberating element and helps to relieve the endless waiting lines at the counter of the lending location, which is beneficial for both students and staff members.

VI. The most liked features for education

  • Block a user 

Possibility to prevent a student, who is often late or brings back damaged equipment, from making a loan for a certain period.

Possibility of scheduling equipment reservations in advance according to a certain frequency.

To be able to group items together as a kit and make it available for booking.

Allows you to have a global view of all current and future loans (by day, week, month, or by asset).

  • Generate loaner reports

Reports to evaluate the global use of loaner items, allowing their rotation and making some equipment available compared to others.

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