How to manage IT inventory computer equipment?

Posted on October 22 2021

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Regardless of their size, all companies have more or less a large number of IT equipment to manage. In order to optimize costs and to ensure the rigorous follow-up of the material, hardware inventory management becomes essential and strategic for a company.

How to manage IT assets

What is computer equipment?

Computer equipments are all the computer hardware and software used within a company or organization and includes:

  • Servers
  • Software and applications
  • Workstations (screen, computer)
  • Data
  • Peripherals (printer)
  • Mobile devices

Why manage your computer equipment?

The management of a computer equipments can be a complex and demanding task. However, an optimized management of the computer equipments contributes to the good functioning of the company. Using an hardware inventory management software can save you a lot of time and minimize the loss of money and equipment.

In fact, in in addition to ensuring the inventory of your equipment, the system also allows you to monitor and track its evolution. Thanks to these functionalities, all the information necessary for the good functioning of the organization or the company is gathered in the same place.

In addition, if your company intends to pursue ISO 27001 certification, which sets out the requirements for information security management systems (ISMS), using inventory management software will allow you to keep track of your IT assets and be ready when needed.

The IT asset management tool is the solution to better control issues such as maintenance, visibility of hardware and licenses, and equipment renewal.

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Management of preventive maintenance

To maximize the reliability and durability of the equipment, it is important to maintain it properly. Don’t wait until the equipment fails and problems occur to change it. That’s why it’s essential to schedule maintenance periods to ensure the durability of the equipment.

The management tool allows you to set up a preventive maintenance plan. This way, you will know when you need to perform an update on your equipment, clean it or replace a part. In addition of saving time, you also avoid that your service offer is interrupted during a certain period and makes you lose money.

Visibility of materials and licenses

The IT asset management tool allows you to have an overview of the computer inventory of all employees, so you will know at any time where your equipment is. In addition, the system lets you know when your software licenses and hardware warranty expire.

Did you know that by using a non-compliant license, you risk receiving a fine? That’s why the software audit allows you to rigorously follow up on the license contracts and software used within your company. In addition to being compliant with regulations, you will also be better organized!

Equipment renewal

The management tool also allows you to track the status and life cycle of your equipment. Thus, you will have a better overview of your equipment that will need to be renewed soon. The system allows you to anticipate the purchases you will have to make and to forecast it in your budget.

For example, the lifetime of a laptop computer is about 5 years. After that, the computer may still be functional, but the performance will greatly decrease. It is important not to wait until you receive complaints about the slowness and malfunctioning of the equipment before purchasing new equipment.

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