Is the cloud secure?

Posted on March 4 2022

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The cloud is a solution that allows you to access data and documents from anywhere and from any medium whether it is a computer, a tablet or a phone. But is your data really secure?

Is the Cloud secure?

A secure cloud ensures the privacy, security and compliance of all stored data. All these aspects must be taken into account when using a cloud solution to ensure the security of your information.

What is a cloud solution?

Cloud computing is the access to IT services through the Internet thanks to a provider. Cloud security applies to the main categories of services and solutions offered in cloud computing, such as SaaS IaaS and PaaS software:

  • SaaS : Software-as-a-Service
  • PaaS : Plateforme-as-a-Service
  • IaaS : Infrastructure-as-a-service

As well as all cloud deployment models:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-cloud

The benefits of the cloud for your business are numerous. That’s why many companies are opting for this type of solution. However, some companies are more skeptical about storing their data in a cloud solution. 

The main objections of a cloud solution

Cyber attacks

Information in the cloud is vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking. Those behind these actions attempt to exploit security holes in the cloud to launch attacks to disrupt services or get their hands on sensitive data. Reliable cloud security systems and practices are critical to protecting sensitive information.

Natural disasters

Information stored in data centers is not at risk from natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes and floods. For example, the fire at OVH in Strasbourg, France burned down part of the datacenters. All the data that was present in the servers that burned down was lost. It is therefore important to check with your provider that your data is backed up in several places.

Cloud with ISO 27001 certification

Cloud with ISO 27001 Standard

Companies and data centers meet the highest security standards by being ISO 27001 certified. This certification is awarded to a company following a rigorous audit that evaluates the security component.

To obtain this certification, the company is evaluated on the anticipation of potential safety problems and on the means put in place to control safety and remedy possible failures.

A cloud solution allows you to store your data in a cloud server and save time and money in case of a natural disaster. It is not insignificant that more and more companies are opting for cloud solutions, including governments.

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The key elements of a secure cloud

Physical protection of data

One of the important things to analyze is that physical access to the datacenter is restricted to a limited number of people. These areas must be controlled and several security measures must be put in place:

  • Contactless badge access
  • Accompanying the visitors
  • Emergency exits without handles outside the building
  • No windows
  • Camera surveillance
  • Alarm system
  • Cooling system
  • Emergency power system

Confidentiality and data redundancy

To ensure the privacy of your data, the cloud can encrypt the data to ensure that it cannot be viewed by anyone who is not authorized. As the owner, you can read and use your data normally, however, without the accesses, your data looks like a succession of incomprehensible letters and numbers so that an outsider is unable to decrypt the information.

Data redundancy can also add additional security to the cloud by duplicating data to have a backup in case of a problem. Data can be backed up within the same datacenter in two separate datacenters so that if a natural disaster strikes, you will have access to your data and your service will not be interrupted.

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