What is the purpose of inventory?

Posted on October 28 2021

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Inventory is an important task that every company must perform at least once a year in order to verify the quantity of its inventory. Its realization has a direct impact on the company’s future financial decisions.

what is the purpose of inventory

What is an inventory? Definition

The inventory consists of identifying and counting a company’s inventory in addition to drawing up a financial picture of its situation. It allows you to have a global visibility of the material that your company owns and to identify if there are any discrepancies between the theoretical quantities and the actual quantities.

Depending on the company, the inventory can be done according to different frequencies. Some prefer a more regular frequency while others are satisfied with once a year. Also, it is important to choose between a permanent or periodic inventory, depending on what suits your company’s needs best.

Why do an inventory?

It is mandatory!

For example, in Canada, businesses are required to take an annual inventory before the end of the fiscal year. This involves “held for sale. If you are a manufacturer, this includes raw materials as well as packaging material and supplies, work-in-progress (goods and services that you have not yet completed at the end of your fiscal period), and finished goods that you have on hand”. We advise you to find out about the regulations in your country.

This then allows the cost of goods sold to be calculated as well as the company’s net income to be able to file the tax return. A good inventory management is essential to reduce the complexity of the year-end return.

Counting the material

Doing an inventory on a regular basis can help you discover if there are any discrepancies between the theoretical quantity and the physical quantity. If there is a difference between the two quantities, questions should be asked to find out if there is a possibility of theft or loss.

This will also allow you to have some control over your equipment and avoid wasting money on unnecessary purchases. For example, you buy a computer for your new employee. If you had looked in your inventory management software you could have known that you had one free and thus avoid spending unnecessarily. An asset inventory management software is essential to ensure a good management of the company’s inventory.

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Manage hardware performance

Inventory allows you to have a global view of your equipment. This way, you can follow the life cycle of your equipment in order to plan preventive maintenance to ensure its durability.

Inventory management software is able to see if equipment is idle / unused. This allows you to rotate equipment so that the physical wear and tear from their use is equal for depreciation.

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The implementation of an inventory requires good organization. The establishment of certain rules may be necessary to manage inventory effectively and to avoid making mistakes.

An Excel document is not sufficient to efficiently keep an inventory, since it does not keep an accurate history of the stock.

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